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  1. NorthCarolina

    whats your lowest you would take on this bike? im pretty interested
  2. yea sure man im pretty sure cause thats wat happened to mine but becareful when you put the new one in cause if you dont break it in properly you will seize up your engine like I did. now its like 575 dollars to repair. Its not hard to break in just take your time and you should be fine.
  3. sounds to me like you need a new piston and rings i have a cr 85 also.
  4. yea it opens April 1st which is sunday. I cant wait
  5. That was the stupidist thing I have ever seen in my life.
  6. It`s normal for a little oil to leak out if your not on the pipe.
  7. Get on the pipe more, get your jetting write, and put some high temp silicone on the joints.