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  1. alfaris

    XR650R or 525EXC

    I own both a 2000 XR650R and a 2005 KTM525EXC. Main issue for me is that i have the KTM at home, and the XR at my cab located 100kms from home, closer to the mountains. so i use the KTM sometimes riding from here or towing it wherever i am going to ride, liking technical stuff with it, but also any kind of riding. I have a 13lts ktm tank and a PMB rack. This is the bike setup is use when riding into Morocco´s desert. i use the XR650R for Xploring riding, on a mountain fire roads environment, but riding too through any technical stuff i find on my way. got a 15/47 and a 3.4gal IMS tank. even it could be 4 weeks on the garage there, it starts first or second kick. but if i have to make a choice for just one of them, sure i would choose the 525.
  2. alfaris

    Stearing Damper 525

    still not mounted, just ordered, the pic doesn´t belong to my bike. but i currently mount the HPDS high risers which are double height than the short risers on the pic (the silver ones). The black part is as thick as the difference on height among the two HPDS risers mentioned more less.....
  3. alfaris

    Stearing Damper 525

    thanks, i´ve ordered the scotts. there are kits available to mount it under the PHDS as someone found out for me.
  4. alfaris

    Stearing Damper 525

    planning to install a steering stabilizer on my 525, i wonder which model will fit with my PHDS. i would like to keep both PHDS and Steering stabilizer: question is between GPR or Scotts. I will appreciate some help thanks.
  5. alfaris

    KTM drops out of future Dakar rally's

    1. I am with KTM, after all this season working and preparing their 690 Rallyes fleet, the ASO change regulations 6 months before the South American Rallye ( i cannot call it dakar any more) 2. The ASO walks to its downfall, its post-collonial crappy style does not work any more at South America. 3. Could be BMW behind this 450cc crap regulation?, maybe.....after all investment they have done hiring top pilots for the World enduro Championship, a winning in the dakar would be superb for them. 4. due to the fact this South America Rallye takes place on the american continent, would HONDA USA have some interest an all this regulation change,,,,,,,,,,,,,would we see the Super CRF450X of the HONDA USA team ruling South American Rallye as they actually do on Baja????? 5. How about YAMAHA FRANCE, they shall hove some interest on this, and even they could have done some moves for achieving this regulation. We shall not forget that ASO, and before them the TSO, never liked that a NON FRENCH pilot wins the Dakar, and always came with "small aids and clues" to help the french pilots win. Remember that France TV chopper that always showed up when Peterhansel was lost, pointing him the right direction? Fretigne is their candidate and they will do whatever it takes to put him on first place, even pulling KTM out. 6. KTM quits the "dakar" and What is REPSOL going to do? once Mitsubishi quit too. Is REPSOL going to follow KTM to the AFRICA RACE?. Repsol has no interests in Africa, but in south America, specially at Argentina with YPF. 7. Most top pilots ride the 690. If they do not race, What media impact would have a race with non top pilots racing? 8. I foresee a full attack from ASO to lock and kill Auriol´s Africa Race. They would move all political inluences, lobbying, FIM, governemnts to pull Africa Race out of the calendar, to force KTM to bend its head and go to 2010 dakar with the 690´s limited. 9.KTM would continue this season following the World Rallye Championship with the 690 Rallye, leaving to private aftermarket companies to prepare any 450 Rally setup. 10. Whoever pilot who currently owns a 690RR or have ordered one, wants to race on january 2010. Would they assume the brutal costs of moving to south America two months in advance? or would they better ride their own truck to Africa on 24hrs?.
  6. alfaris

    Xtreme Honda XR650R woods mods

    good point. reinforced hand guards are a must to protect you when riding and the bike when falling.
  7. alfaris

    Xtreme Honda XR650R woods mods

    i see , thank you. is an unexpensive set up, i like it ¡¡¡¡
  8. alfaris

    Xtreme Honda XR650R woods mods

    i understand weight saving shall be a "save on weight" not an increase on headaches i wouldn´t like to fall on a pit of weight obsession by ounces as many mountain bikers have already fallen in. there are some important areas: muffler, sub frame, fenders, handlebar, etc... But removing the kickstand is not a good idea. I remember i broke mine on the first day of a 5 days desert ride, and i was lucky we were four people and i parked my bike lying beside some one´s bike, because if i were alone, my bike should have been parked lying down on one side on the ground, as there was not a single tree around. from some point, each gr of weight saving costs many bucks, too many in fact. i would better start on the highest weight saving, ...the exahust.
  9. alfaris

    Xtreme Honda XR650R woods mods

    thestuz, you´re right. Weight saving is a good policy:thumbsup: instead of spend huge ammounts of money on expensive components to "powerize" an already powerful bike. i´ll focus on weight saving on the XR650R, but i am not sure on which areas i can save weight..............other than. Remove Euro light mask and install de USA one. maybe 0.8 kg saving. Remove stock muffler and install a lighter one: maybe 3kg saving. Remove the sub frame that holds the rear fender, maybe 1.0kg saving. Remove rear fender and install a CRF one: maybe 0.3kg saving. Remove Euro odometer and install a digital one, maybe 0.3kg saving. Remove foot pegs and install IMS ones, maybe 0.3kg saving. anything else..........?
  10. alfaris

    Xtreme Honda XR650R woods mods

    Hi, i´ve finally gave up the CRF450R ethernal mods, so i traded it for a used 525 which i enjoy a lot. but............i had last month a good 2000 XR650R opportunity, so I´ve ALSO bought it. i´ve just added several mods: 13 lts IMS tank, USA front light (Euro one is big and heavy). remove stock tail guard
  11. alfaris

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    sure crf frame is different than XR.....is not only the point where the two bolt fits to chassis, also the angle of the tube. And moreover, the Q4 collector is solidary with the muffler, not like leovince or others where you can just exchange collectors and even you just move the carbon piece back forward to fit the muffler in place. any adaptations i see are expensive and gives headache.
  12. alfaris

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    I have the possibility to rescue the FMFQ4 silencer from my former CRF450R 2006, and i would like to know if it would fit on the XR650R. Any info? thanks.
  13. alfaris

    Show your PIG

    5 years ago i sold my beloved XR650R, i got another one of the same year again. I´ve got the two bikes on the past, now i came back to the one i loved more.
  14. alfaris

    Desert Tank Graphics (13L)

    Hi., i ve got a 07 525. i´ve mounted the 13 lts tank for my Morocco´s last christmas trip. this are my one industries decals setup. the materials are perforated so the vapors cand breath through them preventing sticker to get loosen. http://www.ktmcyclehutt.com/ktmstore/graphics_decals/one_industries.htm
  15. alfaris

    I'm Going Black! And Aint Coming Back!

    i´ve heard about this kind of work, never see one done though. i´ll try to perform a search..let´s see.