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  1. TTR KID

    TTR 230 performance

    my dad handed me down his 06 230 and i sold my ttr 125 which i beffed up, with a yoshi pipe, hi flow air filter, air box mod, and bigger sproket for more top end. I was wondering what things i can do to get more out of it i want to put a yashi pipe on it has a k and n air filter and air box mod suggest some other good brands of pipe that will boost my performance. also some other things to give it more power. much appricated!
  2. TTR KID

    Yamaha Yz 250f or kawaski kx100

    thank you all for your help.
  3. TTR KID

    Yamaha Yz 250f or kawaski kx100

    i weigh 140 and im like 5/6 and ive been riding for 3 years but i roade a kx 100 and liked it but i wanna hear whay other people think.
  4. TTR KID

    Yamaha Yz 250f or kawaski kx100

    come on, 17 veiws no help its just an opinion please help me.
  5. TTR KID

    Yamaha Yz 250f or kawaski kx100

    i have a ttr 125 and its too small for me. i am getting a new bike, origannly i just wanted the 250 but now i was introduced into the kx 100 two stroke. I will start racing when i get either bike. wich bike should i get i normally ride trails or small tracks. And i love to do wheelies. Which one should i get, please help me.
  6. TTR KID

    TTR 125L Upgrades

    i put a pipe on my bike, re jetted it did, and air box modifiation wich means what i did was make a biger hole the seat where air goes in. Also i got a tooth bigger front sproket and a high flo air fiter and ill tell you i love that bike no promblems with it and it goes fast and sounds like a 450!! however im out growing it and im gunna get a 2008 white yz 250 f and for rasing ur bige do what my dad did tohis 125l and put a harder back spring in and it wont go down as easy. message me if u want to hear what brands i brought. hope i helped you
  7. TTR KID

    FMF powercore 4 - ttr125

    i have a 2005 ttr 125 e i did alot of mods to my bike and the biggest one that helped me was a yoshi rs3 complete system exuahst and my frind has the power core 4 and mine sounds way better
  8. TTR KID

    Which would want

    Wich would you want ktm 85 yamaha 85
  9. TTR KID

    Thomaston TT ride

    I ride up there with you what kind of bike do you have and what day is the ride
  10. TTR KID

    i need help...

    no keeping it the same whouldn't be fine because the bike whould not run right
  11. TTR KID

    indoor riding tack

  12. TTR KID

    indoor riding tack

    In windsor ct they opened a new indoor riding track and I was wondering If any body went there if so tell me how it was!
  13. TTR KID


    thanks guys
  14. TTR KID

    i need help...

    I have a ttr125 too and I have youshimura rs3 complete system it give a lot more power you can feel the difference get a youishimura!!!
  15. TTR KID


    I am going to buy a yz 85 and I need tips on how to make the seat higt lower!