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  1. makeshoes

    Michigan trail reports??? Anyone?

    Hey yz-ktm-man, how does Holton and Horseshoe compare to Cedar Creek? Are they more tight, less whooped out? And, your preferance between the two? Thanks.
  2. makeshoes

    anybody up for white cloud tomorrow

    We did Hesperia/White Cloud last weekend. Trail was great, no snow, no large puddles. We were the 3rd group at the parking lot, but when we left the parking lot was completely full. Enjoy!
  3. makeshoes

    MI - snow melted on the trails??

    No lights or plates required.
  4. makeshoes

    MI - snow melted on the trails??

    I'll second the Family Enduro Series !!! Lots of fun and a great trail ride. http://www.d14enduro.org/fes_raceinfo.shtml
  5. NUN, you looked like an old pro out there! Thanks to all for the great ride! NiceUserName, Flattrack Jim, and Sndmn2, great to meet and ride with all of you!
  6. makeshoes

    Tomahawk Trails - anyone riding them now til end of season?

    Great! I will get back in touch as it get closer. Thanks.
  7. makeshoes

    Tomahawk Trails - anyone riding them now til end of season?

    NUN, I am wanting to do the dual sport ride, Chandler Hill Challenge (and all the hero sections as well and would not like to ride it alone. Also an intermediate rider. Shooting now for Saturday only. Ride a plated KDX. Raised and educated in Charlevoix county! Now live in deep S.W. Michigan.
  8. makeshoes

    How many LP Michiganders are on here?

    I would be interested in the Allegan Forest sometime! This month full, but post next time you go and I will see if I can make it. Berrien County here. I'm would think there's a lot of miles to cover with a plated bike.
  9. makeshoes

    Warrior: No spark after 10 minutes of running

    You could look at my thread on our 2002 Beartracker. Have you tried a new plug? Start at the plug and then coil, stator, cdi. If you have a service manual it will give you info on what each should be. However, I found out the service manual for our Beartracker has bad numbers for the stator. See if you have any resistance across your pick up coil. Good Luck!
  10. makeshoes

    2002 Beartracker - no spark

    Update: Received new pick up coil and spliced it in (white/red and white/green wires on the stock wire harness). Fired right up. It has always been slow to start, a fair amount of cranking has been needed for a while now. Now, you can't get off the starter button fast enough as it fires up that quick! Hope this helps someone else in the future! Good luck!
  11. makeshoes

    2002 Beartracker - no spark

    Update: I was prepaid to buy new stator assembly. Checked out pricing, didn't like what I was seeing $$$$. Called Ricky Stator and asked if they made one for the beartracker. No they don't. But he (Mike) started helping me with diagnosis. He said the Yamaha service manual has some errors in this area. Like saying there should be resistance when in fact there shouldn't be any. He gave me a couple other things to check on the stator assembly and said if that all checked out then I should only need a pick up coil. All that he said checked out in my situation, so I purchased his pick up coil and will splice it in and let you all know how it works.
  12. makeshoes

    Yamaha 2002 Beartracker - no spark

    Last time I used it everything was fine....now no spark. I have the manual and following the trouble shooting instructions. Spark plug good, coil checks out, pickup coil resistance looks likes its to blame as there is no resistance here (white/green and white/red wires), I do have resistance on the charging/rotor rotation direction detection (red and white/blue wires). My question...is there a check for the CDI at this point so when I place my order I can get everything I need at once? Also, some one said I should have 12v at the coil (orange to ground) from the CDI.....I don't have any volts. Thanks.
  13. makeshoes

    Removing carbon deposits?

    I have successfully used electrical contact cleaner. Works great! Good Luck!
  14. makeshoes

    02 exhaust question

    I think I remember reading on here that there is difference in the bolt location for the one that is closest to your foot? (I hope you know which one I am speaking of). I think others have overcome this, but just wanted to give you a heads up. Good Luck!
  15. makeshoes

    do new heads come with valve guides installed?

    I don't know about the valve guides in a new head....but please don't lap your new valves. The coating on the valves is thin and lapping is not required. Please search for yourself for others input. Good Luck!