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  1. How would I understand the difference? I've installed a heavier spring to a yz450 2016 and the rebound became uncontrolled. I tried a resolve the issue with another face shim on the rebound and also wanted a stiffer compression so added a couple of face shims on the compression. I rebuilt the shock and it felt very slow and controlled. However after riding the shock it has become faster and faster. Is the result of a bad bleed or cavitation? When stroking the shock after the build all felt smooth and consistent. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. sean mps

    2014 yz450f w/ 14 hours running bad

    Check the timing. Seen a few jump a few teeth.
  3. sean mps

    KTM fork setup

    Thanks for the replies. Will try soften the base valve again and see how it goes. Are there any other worthy mods that are worth doing?
  4. sean mps

    KTM fork setup

    Sorry I might be wrong actually. Is standard 0.1? If so stepped up to 0.15. Don't have my notes with me at the moment.
  5. sean mps

    KTM fork setup

    Just wondered if anyone has any advice on the setup of the new ktm closed cartridge fork. I thought the forks where diving too much so I closed the mid valve bleed up and stiffened 3 of the base valve face shims from 0.2 to 0.25. Now the forks seem harsh over breaking bumps and feels like if slaps down on landings but feels good on heavy landings. I'm thinking of adding a bleed shim to the base valve to help this. Any other ideas? Also is there any parts such as different pistons etc that have made a good difference? Any advice is appreciated. By the way the bike is a euro 2013 450. Thanks
  6. sean mps

    KTM 450 Shim Stacks

    Thanks. Looks like i will be busy testing now.
  7. Have you tried softening the front end? Also what height do you have your forks set at?
  8. Haha well guess i got some work to do!
  9. sean mps

    KTM 450 Shim Stacks

    Also the 44's should they be .25 rather than .45?
  10. Thanks for the info. Still shocked at how lightly valved the shock is. Will try put it back together and see how it feels.
  11. sean mps

    KTM 450 Shim Stacks

    Thanks. The shock is very fast and soft. When I first seen the stacks I thought there must have been a mistake? Possibly the shock has been bled badly from the factory. How come the stack is so soft? And such a small rebound stack?
  12. Looking at valve logic website the compression matches that of a 2012 125. Something not right.
  13. sean mps

    KTM 450 Shim Stacks

    Does any body have the standard shim stacks from the 2013 or factory edition KTM's? Any body had good results with a modified stack they would care to share with me? Thanks
  14. The rebound damping seemed way off and thught maybe the shock had air or was low on gas remembering its only a few hours old. Anyway stripped it and found this stack. Compression 44x0.25x3 28x0.1 44x0.25x4 42x0.25x2 40x0.25 38x0.25 36x0.25 34x0.25 32x0.25 28x0.2 26x0.2 24x0.2 23x0.2 20.0.2 With an 8mm reducer. Rebound 38x0.25 36x0.25 34x0.25 20x0.3 With a big stop plate before the nut. Any thoughts?