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    modify (slowy) my yfz
  1. clintyfz45004

    Jetting a YFZ450 QUad

    if you realy want to uncork your stock power with no mods ie:pipe and so on, you should look into stepping youre accelerater pump jet which is located on the bottom of yourfloat bowl and uping the size from say a 50 to and 80 or 90, another good one is to up youre pilot from the 42 to a 50 or and in conjunction replace youre main air which is located in throat of carb with a 95 or 100.probably a 95 in most cases dependent on elevation of youre riding area, the accel pump jet really helps the transfer from low to top end power and also helps eliminate bog... dont go with carb divider mods they are a joke the fcr carb is the best on the market and can be made even better with no b.s. mods
  2. clintyfz45004

    Yamaha athena 475-478 kit

    I plan on getting the big bore kit from athena because of price but how big of a difference does it make and anyone know the added horse power??