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  1. I ordered in 6 bikes from pitster on a Thursday and they were her the next Wendsday so about 5 days to get them to my door. Pitster is #1 in my book.
  2. And what other parts you need I have a shelf full
  3. What sprockets you needing
  4. I have almost everything you need I live in Lawson
  5. it will be worth it, tired of watching need to get in on the action
  6. Lawson , Missouri
  7. If you were closer to kansas city <MO you could come test ride my Pitsters
  8. get a pitster pro x4
  9. nice bike anybody else
  10. I guess no one running minimoto
  11. 10am and 12am Pitster pro LXR's motors built by pitster pro, Mattmoto and NCC
  12. The track looks sick can't wait to spin a few laps
  13. Anybody
  14. Which holeshot device will fit my lxr's forks. Is it the same one off a ktm65
  15. They are on there way back to pitster they are taking care of the problem. Thanks Gary.