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    Saw Super secret slipper clutch...

    Adding My two cents worth....I'm familiar with the Guy (Jon from MegaTech Precision Machine) who has been working the idea out for some time. This is about the third generation or so. And yes he has worked out the bias issue that allows the rider to adjust the spot in the brake travel where clutch will disingage. Press the brake the clutch disengages, release the brake and your hooked up! Jon was specifically trying to eliminate braking wheel hop and has managed to do that without the rider trying to manipulate one more control (the clutch lever). His prototype was very clean and mounted up without any modifications to the bike, strictly a bolt on item. A side benifit is no need to open the motor. The post from redlaker on 1/25 explained the theory/operation perfect! and yes he has worked out a version for cable operated bikes! Rob "irdslow"