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    Best tires for use in deep Florida sand

    I primarily trail ride, but in the area I live, the natural soil is 100% sand, interspersed with the occasional mudhole near lakes or ponds. Occasionally I'll ride on packed clay roads, but those are manmade and are the exception. Most trails I ride are fairly heavily ridden by others so the sand is often deep and/or rutted. This is no doubt a newbie question, but if my current back tire - the MT32 - is a good sand tire, why wouldn't I want the same tire front and rear?
  2. larrynordmann

    Best tires for use in deep Florida sand

    Good advice - and I agree technique is 80% of the battle. I spent most of this past weekend figuring out - the hard way - everything you just mentioned. My form and technique still has a long way to go, but I've gotten comfortable handling in deep rutted sand on straightaways thus far. Speed seems to be key - I'll work on turns next weekend. But I figured tires must factor into the mix and I'm trying to optimize the bike for the conditions in which I generally ride in. I figured a new front tire is probably a small price to pay to make the learning curve a little less steep.
  3. I'm a new rider and just purchased a 2004 Honda CRF250X equipped with a Pirelli MT32 on the rear and a Dunlop D742F on the front. Virtually all the terrain I ride in is sand, often deep, soft sand, so what would you suggest I change to? Handling has been a challenge with the current set-up, although I'm sure that will improve with experience...