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  1. brie21

    08 Transmission issues?

    as a lady rider, i am definately easy on my 2007 rmz compared to most guys on these bikes and have no more than 17hrs and have hit the false neutral so many times i lost count now.... it really isnt a problem untill youve just committed to a double, then the bike revs out and ya gotta let the guy behind you pass as you get on the brakes...
  2. brie21

    ummm ya.... i think i need help

    what a way to put a bad end to a good race day, changed my oil like normal and went to put my drain plug back in and what do ya know..... some of the threads from the cases came out with the bolt. luckily it was still abe to hang in there for another day of racing, but now i need to get it fixed..... i am sure i am not the only one who has tightened the drain bolt too tight.... any suggetions on how to fix this
  3. brie21

    Show off them 07's guys come on!

    heres mine http://s152.photobucket.com/albums/s197/Brie21_2007/?action=view&current=mecrtw.jpg
  4. brie21

    post ur bikes from canada

    my 2003 http://s152.photobucket.com/albums/s197/Brie21_2007/?action=view&current=mybike.jpg
  5. brie21


    ya the yz125 is great i have one the only thing i ve had problems with is the tall seat height
  6. brie21

    New to 4 strokes

    ya for sure... wut classes u racing.. im doin 125 beg and ladies again
  7. brie21

    New to 4 strokes

    getting an 07 rmz 250 in april about a week b4 the first race of the year and was wondering what the break in procedure is for a 4 stoke engine... also any other tips on the 4 strokes would be great thanks
  8. brie21

    break in

    ya i have a yz 125 thats in the shop now getting the engine rebuilt... this is the first time i am getting a new piston in and i usually just replace the ring before every race series and all i did for break in was 3-4 cycles of riding low gears half throttle and later working up to higher gears half to 3/4 throttle and letting it sit about 15-30 mins in between. i was just wondering if this would be alright on a new piston as i have only done this on new rings and i havent yet replaced a piston till now