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  1. slsacker

    2006 wr250 modifications

    I have had trouble with the rangers at Carnegie also. We had just unloaded and one of them came over and gave us a hard time. Not over smog equipment though. That's probably why we don't go there very often.
  2. slsacker

    2006 wr250 modifications

    The rangers are actually checking for the AIS? Where do you ride? I mostly ride Hollister Hils and they rarely even look at the bikes. They even let one of my friends in without a registration sticker on his bike.
  3. slsacker

    2006 wr250 modifications

    The free mods work great. I have an 06 WR and have done all of them except cutting the airbox. A new pipe or at least a new insert makes a big difference too. Once you have done all of that, install the YZ exhaust cam.
  4. slsacker

    Carb question

    I am fairly new to this style of carb. I understand the purpose of the pilot jet, needle and main jet but was does the leak jet do? What RPM range does it affect?
  5. slsacker

    WR250 07 with YZF 07 CAMS

    I recently had YZF exhaust cam installed in my 06 WRF and it made a huge difference. The bike revs much faster than it did before. I had already done all of the free mods and changed to a FMF Q pipe. I did each mod one at a time so I would know which ones had the most effect. Each made an improvement but the cam change was the biggest improvement by far.(Except for the throttle stop screw maybe) The cam was only $104 from the Thumpertalk store. I had it installed when the bike was due for valve adjustment so there was no extra labor cost.
  6. slsacker

    $1,700.00 Question

    Good choice! I bought an '06 WR in Febuary. It is a great bike. I did the free mods a few at a time. Each one made a noticable difference. A couple of months ago I had a YZ cam installed too. That made a huge difference. Don't wait, do all of the mods while you are waiting for your other parts. A friend of a friend bought a CR250X at about the same time. He just had his engine rebuilt. My bike hasn't needed anything except oil and a spark plug.
  7. slsacker

    WR 250F Free mods question...

    So far the rangers have not been checking for mods. The most I have had them do is check for a spark arrestor and check the VIN number to make sure the bike it supposed to have a green sticker. I saved my original parts so I can replace them if they start checking.
  8. slsacker

    GYT-R AIS Removal is now available.

    I just bought a 2006 WR250 a couple of months ago. Yes, removing the AIS will improve performance and no, the stock needle is not adjustable. In my opinion the bike was barley ridable as delivered. It had very little power and stumbled badly when accelerating. It certainly did not compare to my 2001 YZ250. But it came with a green sticker which was why I bought it. I wanted to get as close to the performance of my YZ as I could with as few changes as possible. The bike was still gutless after changing the slow and main jets so I removed the AIS. That made a huge difference but it was still lean in the midrange so I installed a 2006 YZ needle. I also changed the pipe and cut the thottle stop screw. Now the power is very close to my YZ.