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  1. kylenfg123

    KLX Title

    yea im gonna in the next few weeks just gotta dig it out of the garage. supposed to be gettin a foot of snow today. im pullin the motor out to fix my leaking eng cases an while im there im installin a slipper clutch, hot cams an a high comp piston!!!!
  2. kylenfg123

    KLX Title

    first thousand or somethin like that made had the street titles an the dealers were required to send them back, but im sure most didnt. Thats why i went full street legal an made myself a motard out of my klx:banana:
  3. kylenfg123


    anyone know if kx450 cams will work in my 08 klx450, or even aftermarket cams for a kx450 from hot cams. is anyone using aftermarket cams? ive got my bike set up for supermoto an need more power!! thanks in advance
  4. kylenfg123

    New Riding Area in NJ

    check this one out i guess Baltimore has the same problem with these people
  5. kylenfg123

    New Riding Area in NJ

  6. kylenfg123

    To everyone running the 08 piston

    i just ordered the 08 piston for my 06, my jetting is stock does anyone recomend a change in jetting for the higher comp piston, 06 yz250f with stock exh
  7. kylenfg123

    kenda tires?

    Is anyone running kenda tires, preferably the southwick or millville. let me know how durable they are an what type of conditions you are running them in. Ive always run dunlops and am looking to try something new
  8. i agree we need the guys who cover the canadian outdoor rounds those guys have so much energy. the guy who always screams holeshoooooooooooooooot
  9. kylenfg123

    torque settings for oil filter cover

    I replace the three bolts every couple of months, bc after so much use they start to strech and will eventually break
  10. kylenfg123

    cleaning muddy exhuast pipe

    suzuki clean works awsome spray it on and hose it off
  11. kylenfg123

    how do you clean a carb?

    clean the fuel petcock and put fresh gas in it while your at it, also use compressed air to blow through the passeges in the carb to insure they are fully clear of debris
  12. kylenfg123

    agp schedule 08

    niiice thanks
  13. kylenfg123

    agp schedule 08

    please tell me your not going to run bikes on saturdays again