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  1. Puncar Thogoole

    1987 XL250R Kickstart decompresser mech orientation?

    Just to help anybody else in the future doing a search, the only thing I've found is a parts diagram which shows the kick start decompressor cam, it shows the orientation but no markings, will check later but I think there is a center punch mark that should go to "12 O'clock", that wil make the square mark about "2 O'clock". Anyone confirm this? Or is everyone
  2. Puncar Thogoole

    1987 XL250R Kickstart decompresser mech orientation?

    Bump! Anybody?, I'm really stuck untill I'm sure this suckers goes back in the right way.
  3. Hi All, I've been given this bike as a non runner, I found it had the bolt holes on the end of the cam to cam sprocket broken due to some previous ham fisted "repair", the sprocket/cam bolts had been tightened with the sprocket not seated properly on the cam, which eventually lead to the failure of lobes that the sprocket bolts to. Anyway, in my efforts to locate a small piece broken off the cam I took the clutch cover off to get a look in the bottom of the motor. The problem I have is, when I removed the clutch cover I dislodged the auto decompresser "cam" that is splined on the kickstart shaft. If anyone knows what I'm talking about could you tell me its orientation, it has a protrusion with a very small square stamped on it, I've studied it and guessed this is supposed to point "12 O'clock". Good guess? Oh yeah, I know, I need a manual! Just realized, this is a european XL250R, think this was a XR250L in the states? (87 with the red motor)
  4. Puncar Thogoole

    06 TE 610 Skid Plates

    Crustquez , don't want to highjack the thread but what was the outcome of your engine noise?, must be at least 6 months ago, you had a noise then vibration, was it the balance shaft nut after all?, your last post you were taking it to get it looked at. Haven't been able to sleep all this time just waiting to know what happened!
  5. Puncar Thogoole

    Funny Polish Enuro video

    Its great to laugh at it , but I'll be the first to say , I could'nt get over that cleanly !! , could you ? (yeh yeh , no problem !)
  6. Puncar Thogoole

    Opinions about Husky TE610, 2000

    Buy it , you will not regret it ! (assuming its been looked after , oil changes etc) For forest & dirt tracks its a great bike.
  7. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Just seen 216 with engine drown on stage 2 on Eurosport ! Famous !
  8. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Did'nt even get a chance to say hello , was typical spectator madness , grown men running around with camera/phones like little kids getting all excited, yesterday they would'nt have known a Dakar vehicle if it ran them over ! Saw them arrive but could'nt get close , just happy to see them ride in , that was good enough. Where abouts is your shop in Portugal & whats it called ?
  9. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Just returned from Malaga , both bikes rode into the port at 7.30 C.E.T (Spanish time) Hurray !
  10. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Hi Denise, It's just turned 1pm here (Spain) , I'm going to be setting off to Malaga in about 2 hours time , I'm going out now but will check here before I go. If they need anything ,post here & I'll see what I can do & take it with me. Glad to hear there on there way.
  11. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    0034 is the Spainish code in Europe.
  12. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Denise , that number should work from Portugal or you. Yes the phone will be on.
  13. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    No luck with phoniing , tried codes , nothing. My number , (I think Spanish code) 0034 952783689
  14. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Yes , got that , will try & contact now.
  15. Puncar Thogoole

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    As I've already said , anything I can do to be of help let me know , post here. Don't know if the "Y" piece off my 610 is any good ?. Can go Portugal direction instead (border about 5 hours away) ,also got bike trailer. Going to bed shortly (2am here) , will look here when I wake if you don't post in the next twenty mins , so if anything is needed in Malaga (or need to meet elsewhere) let me know.