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  1. maztech89

    2012 200 exc choke not staying open

    The one on my 300 was worn out and wouldn't stay above the detent. A new one for that model from ktm was over a hundred bucks but places like sudco or carb parts warehouse etc will have them much cheaper if you do determine that you need a replacement. I paid less than $30 to my door for mine.
  2. maztech89

    Shifter wont go down to first

    If the 150 is anything like the 250/300 then it's virtually impossible to push the shaft in to where it won't work as the shaft butts up against the inner clutch cover and has no room to give. Are you sure the shifter was put back on correctly to where the splines are fully meshed together and not slipping? Also is the shift lever at a workable level, not so low it bumps into the frame rail or a skid plate limiting its downward range of motion?
  3. maztech89

    Power Loss with WOT

    I bet your reed petals are shot.
  4. maztech89

    Could be stupid question... Any grease fittings on bike?

    Nope it does not
  5. maztech89

    Loading Up BAD

    That sucks, I know your pain though I split cases after second ride on my 250xc when it spit the power valve pin into the primary and sent chunks everywhere. When you get it buttoned back up try leaning it out a bit from the jetting you posted. it will pull much better!
  6. maztech89

    Help new 250 xc-w won't start

    Yes that's pretty rich for a stock xcw, especially on the bottom end with the 42.
  7. maztech89

    Loading Up BAD

    Your jetting is waaaay rich, put a 35 or 38 pilot jet in and drop to a 165 main with needle in middle position. It will be better, not perfect but it will stop loading up like it is. You can split the cases and everything else but when you are done with that you will still be pig rich and loading up, unless you are riding at -55 degrees F at sea level....
  8. maztech89

    Does your powervalve stay clean?

    Coal miner I hope you didn't think I was taking a stab at Klotz. I blame the previous owners lack of tuning and throttle application for the crust that was formed. I've always believed jetting is more important than oil brand or mixture.
  9. maztech89

    Low Compression Head - rejetting required?

    Personally I wouldn't buy the head. I'd run race fuel straight or mixed as needed and or add another thin base gasket or have the factory head reshaped by cycle playground. The re-shape would be your best bet and cheapest too. Might require minor jetting changes but nothing drastic.
  10. maztech89

    Does your powervalve stay clean?

    Here is my power valve with Amsoil 50:1 with proper jetting. It always looks like this regardless of hours. Gets a bit of color then stays like that and can be wiped off with a shop rag and carb cleaner. You need to change something, but it doesn't have to be the oil. When my bike was bought used it was run with terrible jetting on Klotz for about 40 hours and it had that hard thick nasty carbon all over it. Refined jetting and my oil of choice and it's been stellar since.
  11. maztech89

    2012 250 SX piston change: cast vs forged

    ^^ vertex is cast not forged. I run the vertex in my 250xc, all my others are forged. If CP made a piston for my 250 it too would be forged. I don't lose sleep over it either way at night.
  12. maztech89

    Worth changing reeds?

    If they don't fix your bog try jumping up a size on the pilot jet and see what happens. If that doesn't do it make sure all the vent lines are clear and free from that mud crust that likes to form on the inside of the ends that hang down, do a quick check for air leaks with some WD-40 around any air boot connections/gaskets, and double check your float height to make sure you have enough fuel in the bowl to prevent cavitation over rough terrain. While in there give it a good thorough cleaning of all passages/circuits. Any bikes I've had brought to me with a bog have been fixed by curing a lean issue from one of these problems. When are you getting the bog? On the stand free revving, under load and wacking throttle wide open, partial throttle opening, only over rough terrain etc? -MAZ-
  13. maztech89

    Worth changing reeds?

    Yes they're junk and need replaced. It could affect a low rpm bog but anytime I've lost reeds I had issues at higher rpms first. I change my reeds on my 250 every 30 hours, they're shot by then. Do NOT buy them from KTM they're stupid expensive. Get the part number from Moto Tassinari and order through tucker Rocky or thumpertalk store or anywhere but KTM for half the price.
  14. maztech89

    Where should I go to get a new sleeve?

    Based on what? Your opinion alone or you actually have some kind of proof? I would send it to power seal or millennium or any reputable plating company that has a price you like. I don't use sleeves or nikasil, but it's not your cheapest option by any means.
  15. maztech89

    Who loves their KTM 2 stroke and HATES IT?

    09 250xc here too and I feel the same way. BUT I have to be fair about it, I know I'm a 4 stroke guy and have never ridden anything that has the motor or suspension of my crf302. But it has everything you can imagine and full Factory Connection setup no expense spared. My XC has stock suspension which I'm 40 pounds too heavy for so it's not too bad when I think about it. It's the motor that gets me, runs great for a 2 stroke and in flowing 2-3 gear single track I love it, anything else I don't like it but I'm a lazy flowing style rider and like thumpers. Love the cost of the two smoke though and that's why I ride it. Fun per dollar it wins....