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  1. DrPangloss

    From XR to TC.....Do I make the conversion?????

    I did call R&D but they didn't have one so I figured the time to get it in would be the same at either store... I guess I was wrong. I'm not happy about this at all
  2. DrPangloss

    From XR to TC.....Do I make the conversion?????

    I wish husky land was a bit bigger down here in Aus. I can't even get a clutch cable! I just called the shop and they said next week. 2 weeks for a cable!
  3. DrPangloss

    From XR to TC.....Do I make the conversion?????

    I have a TE and it's bloody great! I've had the XR and KLR etc. and the Husky is far far better, however, to be fair there's been one downside and that's the parts and service backup. My TE, as great as it is, has been in the workshop for a week waiting on nothing more than a clutch cable. Incredible isn't it? It's infuriating. Maybe it's no problem if you have a backup vehicle though. But in a straight out comparison I think there's no question that Husky is far superior to the jap bikes.
  4. DrPangloss

    '06 SMR 510 out there yet?

    They should I guess, we've just got them here down under. I might go have a peak at it this weekend...
  5. DrPangloss

    Large Fuel Tank Alternatives...

    Here's an alternative... http://www.mcas.com.au/product.php?section=2&prodid=2577
  6. DrPangloss

    TE610 Saddlebags, Big fuel tank etc.

    How wrong I was... the reply came... Dear Stuart, I apologise for the delay, at last I have some answers for you. There are no saddlebags available. (Due to a bad translation in the press release.) You can purchase a top case that mounts to the rear rack which comes with the bike. (this is what they meant) I apologise for the confusion. We can order the top case ex Italy, they would retail for about $ 550.00 AUD Best regards, Patrick Lowry Paul Feeney Group Australian Distributors of MV Agusta, Cagiva & Husqvarna Motorcycles Phone 07 5596 6088 Fax 07 5596 3336 Email patrick@mvagusta.com.au
  7. DrPangloss

    Floppy mirrors

    Those attachments look a bit questionable and cheap - obviously home-made NEVERTHELESS I'm getting some! I wonder if they're legal here?? Will have to make enquiries...
  8. DrPangloss

    My New TE610 broke :(

    I know but I didn't want to argue with him, either he didn't know what he was talking about or he just didn't want to give it up... They're not the kind of shop that is concerned about happy customers unfortunately.
  9. DrPangloss

    TE610 Saddlebags, Big fuel tank etc.

    Damn straight! It was the fact that they elaborated on it too and not just stated they exist. They said they clip easily to this and that blah blah blah That doesn't sound like a typo. Anyway, i don't think I'll hear back from them if I havn't by now.
  10. DrPangloss

    06 TE610 Radiator Guards

    I'm sure I've read about them somewhere! I remember thinking about buying them but I can't recall who the makers were. Maybe R&D will know www.husky.com.au
  11. DrPangloss

    TE610 Saddlebags, Big fuel tank etc.

    I'm still waiting to hear from Husky about the saddlebags advertised in their brochure.
  12. DrPangloss

    My New TE610 broke :(

    Thanks for all the tips! I found a place to keep the bike that night that wasn't too bad - i did however injure my back getting it in there I considered riding it home without the clutch but I couldn't bring myself to do it in peak traffic and about a million taffic lights in between. I did get a flat-bed tow first thing in the morning to the bike shop but of course they didn't have a cable in store "you're the only one with this bike so we don't have any spares, we'll have to order it in. Should be in next week wednesday or thursday" I knew they'd say that! I wished at that moment for a Honda - parts you can pick up at the local quick-e-mart! Anywho, it did break right up near the lever, even the bike shop was surprised "never seen that before" I said "nothing else will fit it? Can I borrow the one of the SM perhaps" "No that's a hydraulic clutch, you'll have to wait." "It's under warranty isn't it?" "don't know, never had this happen before" "OK, I guess I'll just go get a cab and see you in a week" So now I wait.
  13. DrPangloss

    My New TE610 broke :(

    So... I was riding home this evening and I felt a crunch in the clutch cable and thought 'that's not good' but the clutch still worked. Then came another crunch 'Oh dear, the cable's broken'. So for now the bike sits in a dark alley (as fortune would have it, in the worst - no really - the worst suburb in this city). Now what do I do? It's a five minute job, ok maybe 10, will the bike shop pick it up tomorrow morning and fix it on the spot in those ten minutes. Nah, more likely 'we'll pick it up Monday and get it into the shop in 2 weeks'. God I hope not! But likely isn't it. Is it even normal? I've had a hell of a lot of bikes in the last 25 years and not one of them ever broke a cable - especially a brand new one!
  14. DrPangloss

    TE610 vs. XR650R

    if you've got money to burn then the TE if not the XR. I love having an extra gear and a fancy looking bike but I'm not sure it was worth the money...
  15. DrPangloss

    SM610 - Making it quieter?

    I've got the new TE610 and I agree it's f*ckin loud. I can't sneak up on anybody or just putt along, it makes you feel like you HAVE to be a revvhead hoon. People look at you like "shut the **** up man, this a quiet family street and your pissing everyone off with stupid little bike" That's if my mind-reading is as good as I think it is. I'd like it a bit quieter but I'm not sure I'd like to loose power - it's already a big girl's blouse of a bike.