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  1. 248kid

    2012 wierd starting problem

    does anybody know the actual condenser numbers, trying to find it in service manual cant find it
  2. 248kid

    2012 wierd starting problem

    Does anybody know how to test the condenser to see if it's bad?
  3. 248kid

    2012 wierd starting problem

    I bought it new. It may have started early 2013 but once the weather is warm it starts fine so i never really picked up on it until a couple days before worcester ax this year. i had it in my basement to work on it and started it up with no issues. Then friday morning of the race i took it from my house to the arena which is only 45 minutes away (it was single digit temps) and when i got there it wouldnt start and i couldnt ride friday. Saturday after it had sit inside and we tried heating it up some it started. we went thru absolutely everything and have come down to the two things i listed above.
  4. 248kid

    2012 wierd starting problem

    Ok so i have a wierd starting issue where my bike will not start unless its at room temp, we tested all the possible plugs and only possible issues weve come down to are... 1) bad rectifier... We tested rectifier and everything came out good except for one ohmed out a little high, or 2) bad condenser.. we didnt really test the condenser, but since the rectifier ohmed out mostly good we're thinking condenser but even in the service manually i cant find much on how to test it and what not. Can anybody help me???
  5. no its just behind the right radiator the reason i unplugged it was it was dangling outside my shroud and i didnt wanna slow down or anything to get out of the way because i was off to a good start lol
  6. Today mid moto one of the wires on the right side of my bike came lose mid moto and eventually i ended up pulling the plastic pug off which killed my bike and my moto, the wires are completely fine but i cant find any information on where to buy just the plastic plug. I really dont need the entire wiring harness, does anybody know how to help me???
  7. 248kid

    big bore kit-pros and cons.

    as a vet rider i considered the big bore,but generaly liked the nature of the stock crf250r power.as far as valves lasting longer w/ big bore i dont think that would have worked with me,i'm a definate 125 type rever.went with FMF 4.1 ti dual megabomb sys. first-power improved everywhere,next pro circiut piston-even more bottom&top,not to mention the trivial mods done before those two i am very happy with the results on my 06crf250r.btw last bike 05 yz250,not that type of power,but effective and good for me,cam next.order of mods must be considered,unfortunatly for the price,but if you don't get a pipe don't get anything. 248'sdad#87
  8. 248kid

    ATL supercross

    Thats awesome that millsaps is back. Im gonna say chad will win the 450 class. Hes got a lot of confidence right now and this is the part of the year where he picks it up. I really dont know about the 250f class. I was going for hepler but obviously not now. Not alessi he doesnt have the sx skills. Maybe tommy hahn or ryan sipes.
  9. 248kid

    any mx races in feb?

    dont forget the mototown SX series in windsor ct.we have been doing the sat.series.excellent racing format,split day-morning is 50-supermini,afternoon is youth lites-40+,no waiting around all day,10-15 lap mains on a much longer track than you would think for an indoor facility.check it out-www.nesupercross.com/www.mototwnusa.com 248sdad#87/40+b
  10. 248kid

    Florida tracks

    ROTFLOL!!!!!you guys actualy get to argue over which tracks are better!up here in CT we get ctrivermx&mototown,both great,butwe have been to pax,hardrock,& bostwick........all three are better than what we are used to.dont get me wrong,ctriver is cool,and moto town is great(supercross,indoor&heated),but you all have so many options.
  11. 248kid


    sunline products are ecellent!tryed them all,there sprockets are top quality!
  12. 248kid

    question on 2006 crf250 suspension

    5'8'/150lbs?what is the actual problem with your suspention?your hieght&weight is in the desighn parameter for the bike.unless you are an upper level B rider/or A rider a couple comp/reb clicks and opening the high speed a little it should work fine.
  13. 248kid

    Dunlop tires

    no tire works best in sand or clay,but 742 front/756 rear if you don't want to change tires.we are now useing 745s front and rear for mototown(mostly clay/hard pack)with good first impression,they will be replacing the 739s for the dunlop line.
  14. 248kid

    06 CRF 250 on the way, what are some must do's?

    yes 426,venting oil mist into air boot helps make bike bog,applied kit-20$,it helps crispen response,its the details that make a good refinement of a great machine.
  15. 248kid

    06 CRF 250 on the way, what are some must do's?

    1)twin air cage& filter,makes life easier,breaths better. 2)52 rear sprocket&good chain 3)apllied vent kit,boyesen quickshot,fuel screw&properly adjusted=no bog 4)hard breakin,change oil 1st ride,then use moly oil on engine side 5)get valve spec baseline after breakin,adjust if necessary 6)ride it,love it,maintain it. thats what i did,no problems,#87