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    getting supercross ready

    yeah sorry i wasnt to specific on my question im kinda new at all this just getting back into it im not goin to be racing prof just on local tracks. what im really after i guess is what is the most bang for my buck way to get good tork, best gearing, suspention settings and power out of the bike. curently i am having some problems on throttle responce when i hammer down on it from idle it wants to bog and stall ive been asking around and people say jetting is the prob. i ordered a 50 tooth sprocket have the quickshot, k&N air filter and did the free mods what else should be done to help me quicken up other the much needed practice
  2. undefined ok i need some help i need to find a web site that tells me all the internal and external spec on a yzf 250 to convert it and get it race ready for suppercross