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  1. jp68

    06 Drz400S, What did you pay ?

    Wow.... I thought that I got a good deal at $5,098.... $4,885 is the best deal I've every heard of...
  2. jp68

    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    I have done 200 miles on a combined dirt road and pavement trip (about 25% pavement and 75% dirt roads). I was riding a new 06 drz400s with a corbin seat. To MWDRZ: if you are not used to long distance riding 500 miles on any bike is going to be a strain especially if you are doing them back to back or reasonably close together. The stock seat will not help things. I expect that a comfortable average range on the drz, with a good aftermarket seat is around 300 miles per day.
  3. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    fivestar13 said Looking forward to seeing your install, are you going to do the turnsignals as well????
  4. jp68

    who are you.. and what do you do..

    JP, 56 years old (Old fat white guy), Married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Structural Engineer, partners with three other great guys in our own consulting firm. Started riding when I was 20. Did a lot of MX when I was in my twenties, Hare Scrambles, and Enduros later in life. Still race once in a while, I have a KTM 300 exc for the occasional hare scrambles or poker run. Do a lot of long distance touring with my wife on our BMW RT. Hope to do some adventure type touring this year on my drz400s. Have a goal of riding the Dawson Highway in Alaska. I hope that I am still riding into my 70's.
  5. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    The DRC looks really cool.. I went to the site and downloaded their catalog. I couldn't find anywhere that it said that they were DOT certified. I guess I'll have to call them and find out.. However, I doubt that they are.. that's unfortunate. It looks like with any of these that one would need to cut a slot around the rear sub-frame in order to get it to fit properly.
  6. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    MWDRZ - The one you reference is not DOT approved..... I really like the way Acerbis Modular Dual Sport looks, also like the Enduro model. Would need to figure out what to do with the turn signals. I can see the stock turn signals (front & rear),the stock tail light and fender extension lasting about one day on a woods ride. I'm trying to find something that is DOT legal and yet is compact enough not to get trashed while in the woods. The "Four Strokes Only" #12 is not DOT approved. The #29 has a DOT approved taillight, however the turn signals are not DOT approved. The #29 is probably the closest one I've found to what I think would work. I'm not sure that I like the way it looks and the turn signals do not make spec. Anybody got any other idea's....
  7. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    There is only one that has a taillight with turnsignals mounted in the same assembly. I tried to add a picture but since I am new at this web thing I haven't figured it out yet. I believe that it is number 29 or 31 on the "four strokes only" web site. I can't tell the difference between the two.
  8. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    How about the Dot legal one over at "Four Strokes Only" the one with the turn signals.
  9. jp68

    Acerbis Modular Dual Sport Taillight

    Is the BD DOT legal? and where can I find one? Does any one have a pic
  10. Has anybody mounted one of these to a DRZ400S? http://www.acerbis.com/p108_taillight/8353.html How difficult was it??
  11. It seems that those who are going to comment at the meeting should get together to form a strategy. I believe that there is a Rampart Range meeting next Thursday at Fay Meyer's in Denver. This might provide an opportunity to get together before the Task Force meeting. If there are any Rampart folks here maybe you could take this to your leadership. Hopefully they already have something planed.
  12. OK, so I went in and picked up my FMFQ2 pipe, and my dynojet kit today. While I was there I thought I might pick up the 124 main jet that Burned suggested that I use for above 8k feet. Mikuni jets come in 2.5 increments, i.e. 122.5, 125, 127.5. Would there be a noticeable difference between the 124 and 125. Is the guy that tried to tell me that I could only get the 125 blowing smoke up my lower anatomical orifice. Also, for Burned
  13. jp68

    Clarke 3.9 installation debacle

    Now I'm getting concerned.... My Clarke 3.9 gal tank just arrived today and I was going to install it this weekend. I'm wondering if I'm going to end up like fixnfly or like Ross. Does anybody have pictures of how this installation is supposed to go together, Step by Step????
  14. Thanks, One more, it must be here somewhere but I can't find it. If my bike in stock condition is 35hp what is your guess it will be after the 3x3, jetting to your specks and the FMF Q2 exhaust?
  15. That's interesting, I thought I was buying a "Quite pipe" Trying to be a good neighbor and all. Is there a better pipe that will give me a hp boost without being above the 95db line??