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  1. curtmoon

    Vegas to Reno

    Yes. 3 man team. Trying to get everything ready!
  2. curtmoon

    spring rates unbalanced?

    Thanks, I will check the sag. I'm also going to go do some testing this weekend and play around with rebound settings.
  3. I just had gold valves installed front and back in my 05 450x. I weigh 200 lbs and ride mostly open desert. The mechanic left the stock .47 and 5.5 springs in the front and back, while the race tech website recommends .49 and 5.5. The bike seems fairly plush, but more soft in front than rear. However, in high speed whoop sections, the rear wheel wants to start swapping. The only way to get it to straighten back out is by applying throttle. Could this be due to too soft of springs in the forks?