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  1. Supercross

    I think he is some dude w/ his own show. He maybe a up and coming Reality TV star.
  2. Yeah! Like REALLY!!!?? Seriously? Like OMG!
  3. Back on topic:
  4. Yeah, I noticed that last year at Washougal. He revs the crap out if it in mid air, every jump.
  5. Yeah, I got sick of trying to jet my Chinese VM copy. Something was wrong with it, which is not unusual. Buy the real VM 26mm and you be set, or atleast you will be able to jet it.
  6. Supercross

    Just another company portraying white males as whimpy, nerdy, stupid geeks.
  7. What problems are you having?
  8. I wouldn't jump the gun yet and buy that vm22. I would be sure that Siik even had a REAL VM26. I think that the 150tx comes w/ a vm26 chinese copy. Try over at PM. Someone there should be able to help you out. Have you talked to any of the Pitster guys about this? They seem to talk up their great customer service. Since you bought it from them, I would imagine this would be something they would help out with.
  9. Supercross

    Atleast he has most of the wierd mouth movements under control.
  10. One thing that Villopoto is not very good at is passing. He seems to have a hard time getting around people.
  11. What the ....................???
  12. I have a OGM sx150 (pitster pro x4r clone) plated, which would be great for a 13 year old. The ct70 clones look good, though. sells the lifan version w/ support.
  13. So where are parts for the rest of everything going to be available from?
  14. Why the hell do people let these leftist fascist take over? Quit voting for politicians that support this crap!!!
  15. Some of the vendors can probably help you out w/ most parts, I would assume.