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  1. tnab1970

    Husky boy 50 Jr Crank case oil?

    I am looking at buying one of these a 2002 model air cooled egine. what are your thoughts on these bikes ? sorry to steal your thread.
  2. tnab1970

    TTR50 hard shifting

    I have one that was nearly impossible to shift, there is a clutch adjustment that helped some.If memory serves the side panel opp. of the shifter has a removable center plate that comes off with 2 screws. under the panel is a screw with a lock nut, see your owner manual for adjustement procedures. seems like there was a post on this procedure which is where I got the idea. I ended up disassembleing one of mine, splitting the cases and polishing the bores on both cases where the shifting cam fits. this is what cured my problem.
  3. tnab1970

    ttr50 breather problem

    I have two of these one did same thing several times. The dealership tried to tell me it was over filled. It was not. However I did find that the choke was stiking and I beleave that it was filling the crankcase with fuel causing it to over fill and puke up. We have had both bikes for over a year now and no more troubles with that. And you will be ahppy to know you have a one year warranty on your bike if you have agood dealership that is will ing to help you. Troy
  4. tnab1970

    TTR 50 free mods

    yes I believe you have to totally remove the air box and the filter system replaces the original.
  5. tnab1970

    TTR 50 free mods

    you can removed the spark arestor from exhaust, and you will see that it is very restrictive. it has a domed solid plate on the end and will not let exhaust go through, it diverts it around to the wire mesh. I just cut it completely off and left the wire mesh intact. also if you look up inside the muffler housing while you have the spark arestor out you will see there is another restrictive plate. it has only approx. a 1" diameter hole in the lower portion. I drilled approx. (12 ) 5/16" diameter holes in the plate to allow for more exhaust to pass through. it will take a drill bit about 6" long to reach the plate. these small mods seem to have helped some plus it makes them sound good. I have not installed the gytr aif filter upgrade yet but plan to. will posat again when they get installed.
  6. tnab1970

    filled air box with oil (ttr-50)

    I dont think the second gear is the problem. One of my boys rides alot in second gear as well. If you oil is very dark in color ( black ) and smells of fuel it is probally the same thing as happened to ours. Change oil, remember to only fill into hash marks "without" screwing the dip stick in. clean filter and check the choke cable for any type of routing kinks or see if it is loose at the plastic nut next to the tank.
  7. tnab1970

    filled air box with oil (ttr-50)

    same thing has happened to one of our ttr-50's. Aparently it was over filled when assembled at Yamaha dealership. Also what can cause this is a ritch running condition. One of the head techs at a dealership near me showed me on our bike where the choke was sticking slightly ( caused from a loose cable ) and giving the engine a ritch condition which in turn caused the case to fill with fuel / oil mixture overfilling and puking back through the carb. I have recently adjusted choke cable, cleaned air filter, changed plug, changed oil and have not had any problems for about a week. my boys ride every day, about an hour a day. as far as the stiff shifer I have one that is and one that is not. cant help there. there are some other threads on these issue if you search ttr50.
  8. tnab1970

    TTR 50 upgrades

    I found the air filter upgrades as well as some other stuff on ebay. The airfilter kit ( genuine Yamaha ) was like $ 17 and I think it is listed at $40 on the Yamaha site.
  9. tnab1970

    TTR50E newbie question ?

    I have two ttr50'S one has no problems at all and the other has done the same thing you mentioned 3 times now. When I checked the crank case vent tube it was dry on the inside. It appears mine came through the carb. Plus the oil is very dark and soupy. The other one ( bought at the same time) oil still looks like new. Has yours done it more than once? Has it done it since you left the l;ast comment?
  10. tnab1970

    Ttr50-e Oil In Airbox

    this weekend one of our ttr50's puked up about a pint of crank case oil into the air box, totally saturating the breather and fouling the plug. this bike is only 37 days old and I have taken back to the dealer ship. they say they will take care of it. I guess that remains to be seen. I am just curious as to what could have caused this. He did not lay it down or anything, it has a training wheel set up on it.If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them. Troy
  11. tnab1970

    ttr50e stiff shift lever

    we have 2 ttr50e and have had great luck so far. the one my 4yr old rides seems to be slightly stiff to shift. enough so that it is difficult for him to change gears. the other one is fine. any sugestions would be appreciated.
  12. tnab1970


    just bought two for my 4 and 5 year old boys seem to be great bikes so far. only trouble we are having is the 4year old has a little trouble shifting. I dnot know if it is do to small feet or just plain stiff clutch. have been very happy alltogether.