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  1. crazycracker

    My new 250sx finally made it - parts etc ive added

    Ive been thinking about getting one, where did you buy it??
  2. crazycracker

    Water in my Tranny...2007 RM 125

    you may have gone too long before changing the oil. it could be condensation that gathered because of storing the bike, two stroke tranny oil doesnt really get hot enough to evaporate the water out. i would just fill it up with new oil and check it after riding, before storing the bike.
  3. crazycracker

    tcw 3 oil??

    I was recently reading that this oil is bad for racing applications. But, from my personal experience i have not had any problems using it. I went two years before tearing my motor apart, all stock 2008 yz250, and found that my crank piston and bearings were all in pretty good shape.I also run it at 30:1. Could someone provide some information why not to use this oil??
  4. crazycracker

    No oil in tranny

    yea i think im good. im actually amazed how bulletproof the bottom end seems to be
  5. crazycracker

    No oil in tranny

    Went riding this last weekend, the transmission oil drain plug fell out and i lost my oil. I took off the clutch and my plates look perfect, the metal plates warnt blurred or warped. The fibers look thick and fine. I have a feeling that everything is good but was wondering what someone else thinks?? i also started the bike, not knowing it didnt have oil, the transmission didnt make any squealing noise but definatly could hear the gear chatter.
  6. crazycracker

    Crank Bearings

    I just put in a new crank and bearings but forgot to put in the o-ring that is in the center cases. Im going to split the motor again but was wondering if the bearing in the case im pulling of is going to be fine?? my bike is a 2008 yz250
  7. crazycracker

    What does Yamaha pay J. Bubba Stewart?

    ive heard around 10 mil but that is just something i heard and nothin to prove it
  8. crazycracker

    Look like JLaw needs an intervention!

    Some of you guys on this thread need to find something better to do then sit on your computer all day, most likely look at porn all day and write most likely not true things about someone on the internet. The herion and blow coments way out of line. Im not a lawrence lover but, he is fast and has sick style. Why dont you try to embrace what the kid does good and not try to pick at him for your own falts that you cant fix because your paying attention to someone else.
  9. crazycracker

    Pilot School

  10. crazycracker

    Pilot School

    Hi, i am not sure if this is the place to post this but, i am looking for a four year school that has a pilot program. If you know of any schools i am interested expecially if they are in texas. Thank you
  11. crazycracker

    More power for MX? Suggestions

    If you are looking for power, get a pro circuit pipe , v force reeds, and run some o dat Ultimate 4 race fuel. Your bike will have more than enough power
  12. crazycracker

    2 broken rims

    i had this happen, loose sproket bolts and usually too tight of a chain
  13. crazycracker

    No pressure in front brake

    Got it to work, tricky little mechanism
  14. crazycracker

    No pressure in front brake

    i bought one of the vacume bleeders, i am getting alot of bubbles in the resover for the vacume bleeder but not much oil??
  15. crazycracker

    No pressure in front brake

    Hi, i have a 2008 yz250 and just put on steel braided brake lines. The front brake refuses to build pressure??? i try to bleed it but it doesnt seem like i am doing much. Any help would be appriciated.