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  1. bigred07

    Stripped Valve Cover Bolts

    Thanks guys, I think I have fixed my problem tonight. I tooke and cleaned the bolts and threads out with a tap and die set I have and I can get the front two long bolts to bight pretty decent where I think they are tight enough. NO torque wrench this time. The back little short bolt is not tightening up much at all. Is there anyway I can take and tighten it as much as possible with a lil loc-tite on the threads? I mean I dont see where any of these bolts or the cover they are holding have any sort of stress on them and the two bolts should be enough. I am planning on selling the bike and looking into something for hunting season as of right now. Just wondering if anyway thinks that would be ok. You guys seem to have a bit more experience in this than I do.
  2. bigred07

    Stripped Valve Cover Bolts

    I have unfortunately stripped the bolts that hold the valve cover on. The bike being used and had a ton of routine maintenance done to it I can see why the threads have finally given out. The bike had the valves checked every time it was raced. I was torqueing the bolts down to 7 lbs and never felt it click on 2 of them. It just kept turning. I did get one to tighten up but when I took the bolt back loose and looked at it, it had pulled some aluminum out with it. Has anyone ever had any success with repairing the threads with a heli-coil or something similar?
  3. bigred07

    Ashley Fiolek on the CRF150R

    The young lady surely has a talent for racin, why would you wanna take something away from somebody when they have allready lost so much. I mean really man if you ride any kind of bike at all at any kind of speed you know yourself you cant really hear anything but your own bike anyway so why is she a danger to everyone else.
  4. bigred07

    Fuel injection

    I have been interested in the new suzuki 450 quad and it comes with fuel injection. Yoshamira sales a plug in device called a cherry bomb. When you remove the muffler insert and airbox lid and add this lil device you will gain 7 hp. Trinity advertises a kit for the 450 also that has a full silencer and header exhaust system with a k&n filter and it comes with a ignition programmer all for like $800. Just some thoughts.
  5. bigred07

    Chain recomendations

    I got DID
  6. bigred07

    any CRF450R owner riding trails??

    I am going to suggest bark busters and just ride the damn thing. My bars are 32 inches wide and yes they are a little wide for harescramble racing but I have so many atv trails I really dont need short bars. I was worried my first ride about stalling it out and riding the clutch all the time but I was relieved of my fears pretty quickly. I ride the trails slow sometimes along with my parents on their atv and I get along fine with the bike at a slow pace. So what ever you are doing just try it out first or try someone elses stuff out and see whats up.
  7. bigred07

    Anti-vibe question

    I have Tag Fatbars on myne now and they have a different bend that reduces my arm pump but it also is less rigid cause it doesnt have a cross bar keeping it in a constant bind. I had a 125 before I got my 450 and it came with the Renthal full diamons in the softest compound, they were almost brand new. I had such bad vibration i switch to a big set of Pro Grip Gel Grips. On my 450 I have the firm full diamond renthal's and they are awesome on it.
  8. bigred07

    Whats the best exhaust system?

    I got a pro circuit ti4 does pretty good for me. It was on it when I got it no need to change it.
  9. bigred07

    any CRF450R owner riding trails??

    I just got myne 05 from a guy that raced mx, and totally rebuilt the motor. It has a pro circuit ti4 and low boy pipe. Cant remember what gear is on it will check though. I just put bark busters on it and I am going to cut the bars once these grips wear out. They are brand new and I dont see any since in cutting them off till they are dead. I dont ride in tight woods un less I want to, so I will avoid it best I can till I cut them. What would you guys recommened suspension wise for a 200 lb rider. The front end is stiff and I just softened it up 5 clicks on top and on the bottom after my first day of riding. I thought it was just the terrain was so bumpy but my arms really took the abuse.
  10. bigred07

    crf 450r header glowing red

    My pro circuit turns a neat shade of blue
  11. Well let me see one of my child hood lessons here. Mother always told me it was better to give than to receive. So therefore you should be giving other people roost and not receiving any cause to be giving other people roost you have to be in front. Thats why they pay me millions.
  12. Cut holes where your breast go then take and put a rubber ring around that to keep the sharp edges from cutting. Then take and have some, Heavy duty plastic cups made, just my idear.
  13. bigred07

    Twin Air Power Flow Intake System quesiton

    stand on one foot, with one eye closed and one arm in the airbox and make a funny face and you will be able to do it first try. I just cleaned my filter for the first time on my new 450 yesterday and I found putting it in easy you just had to set and study how it went first.
  14. bigred07

    any little girls riding 450s?

    I went from a 125 to my new 450 and havent looked back. I am a big boy about 5' 10 and 195 and I dont see where the 450 is all that much heavier except picking it up and putting it on the stand. Just my two cents.
  15. bigred07

    2003 Crf450

    I got my 05 for $3000 and its in great shape. Got a Full Titanium Pro Circuit Pipe on it, has Tag Fatbars and I just added some black moose barkbusters with red shields and a O-ring chain. It has a twin air filiter on it too.