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  1. O i have a bike a Honda CRF 250R but my friend is wanting to start ridding and his dad wanted me to help him out on what he should get.
  2. I got a new yoshimura exhaust system for my bike.And do i need to re jet the bike what should i do
  3. Is the Honda CRF250R a god bike or what should i get between all of the 250 4-strokers
  4. Can you help me out with a question.How often should i change the motor oil and the trany oil and the aif filter
  5. Whats the diferents between the 04 and the 05????????
  6. Whats the best, the Honda CRF250R,the Yamaha YZF250F,or he KTM 250SXF,or the Kawasaki KXF250F,or the Suzuki RMZ250F?????????
  7. Is the 2004 CRF250R frame and the 2005 CRF250R frame the same?????
  8. Thanks a lot man
  9. Hey thank you so much with your help i really appreciate it.
  10. Because i got the front and rear fender kit from and i whant the shroud and seat cover for it to but they only have it for a 2005 CRF250R and my bike is a 2004 CRF250R,So u think it will work????
  11. He usted to ride all the time on a street bike.Hes about 210Lb and about 5'7 and he usted to ride a super rat 100.
  12. Do you know the series of pilot i should get for my carb to replace the old one???
  13. Hey if u have a CRF250R 200 will 05 graphics work on a 04??????
  14. He rode a lot when he was young and all he whants to do is ride in the trails.