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  1. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    Thanks for all your help. I will try that set up
  2. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    I will try turning the plate over. Do you have any advise on which needle to use
  3. gearhead2060

    2000 YZ426 Cylinder Head Help

    A YZ400F head will also work. I have a 99 YZ400f that I installed a cylinder, piston, rod, and crank pin out of a 2000 YZ426. While using the 99 400 head.
  4. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    I looked in my service manual and it appears to be installed correctly. The notch in the plate is at the bottom. I also noticed that in the manual it has a 175 main jet, needle code OBDVR-4 and a 45 pilot jet. I wonder why the guy I paid to jet my bike went up with the pilot and down with the main jet. I would think that I would need a larger main jet because of larger displacement. The main jet I have now is smaller than when it was stock. Is there any reason why he did this or, did he not know what he was doing.
  5. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    yes the slide was broken when I purchased the bike
  6. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    the piolet is a 50 the main is a 170 the needle code is DVR
  7. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    what do you mean by complete current jetting
  8. gearhead2060

    Needle Help

    I have a 99 YZ400f that I need some help with choosing the correct needle. I have installed YZ426 cylinder, piston and rod along a custom stroked crank making the displacement 440cc. After I completed the engine work the bike was running extreamly lean. So I took it to a bike shop with a dyno and a air fuel meter. They installed the correct piolet and main jets but did not have the correct needle. I can't find an aftermarket needle for a 99 ZY400 anywhere. I found a couple needles from Yamaha, but don't know which one I need. The current needle in the bike the original one with the clip in the bottom slot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. gearhead2060

    valve seats

    A new head Is $490.00 bare (no valves)
  10. gearhead2060

    valve seats

    I am in the middle of a complete rebuild on my 99 YZ400. while I have it torn apart I decided to remove the valves and port the head. After inspecting the valves I found some light pitting. As cheep as valves are I would rather replace them. Do I need to take it to a machine shop to have new seats installed or does it need to go to a dealership. And do the valves need to be ground or can I just lap them. And should I replace the valve guides while it is apart.
  11. gearhead2060

    Cam Question

    I have a 99 YZ400. I have herd some of you talk about the 450 cam swap. Will both cams intake and exhaust work or just one of them. And is this a more aggressive cam than the hot cams. And what do you plug the decompression lever hole with. Anyone with more information I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. I have a few questions I hope some of you can help me out. Question#1. I am currently in the middle of converting my 99 YZ400 to a 426 internals. What parts do I need. I have been told that all I need is a 426 rod, wrist pin, and piston and cylinder. I was looking through catalogs and their are different part numbers for head gasket and base gaskets for the 400 and 426 If they interchange why are the part numbers different. Question#2 I started porting the head and was trying to figure out how smooth to make it. So far I have just smoothed out the casting marks with a 120 grit sandpaper roll on a die grinder. Several people have told me to leave it a little rough, and some people tell me to polish it as smooth as I can get it. Who do I listen to. Question#3 What kind of cam should I use. I have been told that Hot cams are junk. I installed a set of hot cams in a buddy of mines KFX400 quad and the installation went smooth and he was happy with the power increase. If they are junk what other cam options do I have. There the only manufacture that I have found that makes a set of cams for my bike. If any body has any input I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. I recently had a rod seize to the crank on my 99 YZ400. I have been looking for stroker kits for my bike but have been unsuccessful. A friend told me that a jug from a YZ426 will bolt up with no problems. I would like to get as much displacement as I can while I am torn down. If any one knows more info about stroker kits or big bore kits I would greatly appreciate it.