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  1. So I hurt my shoulder a little over a year ago, to the extent that my racing days are over and if I ever turn another lap on a MX track, it won't be with any sense of urgency or risk taking. Getting old sucks. I can't take another hit to that side of my body as I'm already in jeopardy of needing a complete shoulder replacement, and that's going to linger over me for the rest of my life. I'm a 2-stroke guy, and I've always had the most fun riding/racing my 144. I bought this 300 4-stroke because I wanted to get serious about racing and stop giving my competition such a big advantage. Long story short, I hurt myself practicing before the racing season started last year, so the bike's got 6.8 hours on it. This bike is probably the best bike I've ever ridden, in the sense that it is so easy to go fast on. It feels like a 250F on steroids. Typical TM build quality didn't let me down, it's the 6th that I've owned. I can't make the most of this bike though, so time to let it go. If I get back to riding I just need a play bike instead of a race bike. So, 6.8 hours on it, optional e-start, 6spd transmission, clear fuel tank, rubber mounted bar clamps and Brembo front brake master cylinder. Has minor cosmetic scuffs/scrapes from the one time it hit the ground, but nothing is physically bent or mechanically damaged. Comes with lots of spares. $6000 USD or $8000 Cdn. Located in Kamloops BC, I can assist with transportation and border import/export paperwork for an American buyer.
  2. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    Awesome, congrats! One tip for you, removing the rear shock is a real chore. If you need to change your spring rate don’t waste your time trying to get the shock out without dropping the linkage pull rods from the front, it won’t go.
  3. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    It’s not like a 125. It’s like a 250f with a lot more mid and top.
  4. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    I’ll have to disagree with it being as fast or faster than a 300 2stroke. My 250MX 2stroke definitely had it covered and a 300 2t should be faster yet.. The 300F is like a really, really fast 250F. A 300Mx 2stroke should eat it’s lunch. It filled the gap nicely between my 144 and 250 2strokes. It has enough power to run with the 250 but the 250 has more of it, there’s no mistaking it, but it’s a handful and the 300 is so easy to ride and go fast on. At the MX track where I got hurt (actually the same jump I’m talking about) there is a 100’ tabletop-stepdown with a small table before it, and a tight right hander before that. I could barely clear it on my 144 under perfect conditions, if it were muddy I wouldn’t even try. The 300f I could barely clear it when conditions were muddy, it took some clutch, body english and seat bounce to not come up short, wide open. With the 250 2stroke I could overjump it easily if I hit it with the same vigor as the other bikes. I’d have to shut off on the face.
  5. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    This really sounds like it will be the perfect bike for you. I look forward to reading your report after you get one, you are going to think you died and went to heaven.
  6. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    Thanks man, I’m going to need a little luck on my side but no place to go but forward from here either way and just keep hoping for the best!
  7. Camstyn

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    I have a 2017 300Fi MX which was a custom order with the 6spd, electric start, rubber mounted bar clamps, clear tank and brembo front master cylinder. I’ve only managed to put 6.8hrs on it so far but I can say it’s an amazing bike. It’s really the perfect bike as long as you aren’t expecting 450 power, the only thing I don’t love about it is the stronger than normal engine braking. I’m a 2-stroke guy so that took some getting used to. I’m now forced to sell it due to a major injury but I will definitely be getting another one if/when I’m able to ride again.
  8. Camstyn

    Tm's in Iowa

    The 250F/300F come standard with a 5spd but you can order them with the 6spd from the EN model, that’s what my 300f MX has. Same with the 125/144MX’s.. The 250300 2strokes (450/530f also) come with a 5spd in both MX and EN trim, so no option for a 6spd there. The EN has a lower 1st and higher 5th gear, and you can order a MX model with the EN transmission if so desired.
  9. Camstyn

    TM Opinions

    TM’s are the best bikes made, by far. Resale does suck, there’s not a large owners group to share/exchange info with, and tuners are not familiar with them. Those are the only serious drawbacks you will encounter should you buy one. i do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, as long as you understand and are ok with those caveats.
  10. Camstyn

    Bouta light my bike on fire

    ^^^Yup, good advice here. Pads look worn out, they may be glazed. Clean your rotor with brake cleaner thoroughly, replace your pads with OEM (none of the aftermarket ones are nearly as good!) and replace the pins if they are corroded or have any grooves worn into them. They should be smoothly polished and no grooves for the pads to get hung up on. You can use Honda OEM pads, which are typically quite a bit cheaper than buying them from Suzuki.
  11. Camstyn

    Tm's in Iowa

    Not sure, the only one I’ve custom ordered was my 2014 144MX, the distributor had a dozen or so bikes getting ready to be shipped and I was able to get mine put in with them on the same shipment. I’m guessing build time from date of special order would be a week or two but I’m not sure, it likely varies depending on the time of year. Mine have all been MX models with no lights or requirements for extra accessories so I wouldn’t know about stator output.
  12. Camstyn

    Tm's in Iowa

    Good point on the ergonomics, if you're tall you will really love the TM. It is noteworthy that you can order a TM to your own specs, somewhat. My 300Fi MX came with the 6spd, e-start, rubber mounted bar clamps and Brembo front master cylinder. You have quite a few options from the factory.. e-start, 5 or 6 speed, a couple of brake options, different top triple clamps, different bar bends, suspension tuning and spring rates, engine tuning, MX or EN exhaust, gearing, kickstand or no, lights or no, 18 or 19" rear wheel, rear shock options, tall seat, billet engine covers, slipper clutch, etc. You can really mix and match to get exactly what you want with your choice of trimmings, especially if you are torn between a MX and EN. Best part is there is one factory technician who will have your build spec in his hands and he assembles the bike from top to bottom. It is built and prepared alongside their own factory race bikes by the same guys with the same care and attention to detail. Don't waste your time taking it apart to grease anything, this thing is built as if you were going to put it together and race it at Erzberg. For me, it's these details, along with the ridiculous amount of CNC machined parts, and the hand built engines consisting of the highest quality of components that make these bikes worth way more than the competition. Kudos for TM for still making them affordable to the public, I don't know how they do it.
  13. Camstyn

    Tm's in Iowa

    I hate to steer anyone away from a TM as they are amazing bikes, but sounds like the Sherco may suit you better. TM's are known for the suspension being stiff, better for motocross than enduro, and the 300f engine definitely makes it's best power up top, it's soft on the bottom end. It can be lugged just fine, it's not dead like a 125 down there but it's not a torquey engine that does it's best work down low like what you may be looking for. I have a 2017 300f MX and I love it but it's exactly what I was hoping for, it's like a 250F on steroids and revs to the moon. It sounds like the 300 2-stroke might be more up your alley if you want a TM with a sweet low-mid engine.
  14. Camstyn

    Triple clamp diameters same for 2015+ and older?

    After doing some digging it seems aftermarket clamp companies show their 13-18 450 clamps being the same, while 05-09 and 10-12 are different. A kit would use a 1mm larger top clamp. Still curious if fork tube diameter is different from 2010-2017, as the difference could just be something as simple as the front number plate mounting location.
  15. are the upper tubes on the TAC forks the same as the older 47mm dual spring Showas, or are they the same as the 49mm A-kit forks?