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  1. scotty300

    Wet Ridin In AZ today!

    well its rained so much and so hard that the trails we know and love are almost unrecognizable. its hard to find land marks now cus the trees look like trees again and stuff is all green. its like a new world for us again. LOL we could not find our trails, they were overgrown and didnt look like desert any more. by the way, CRF100 is the new king of the desert!!!!!
  2. scotty300

    Wet Ridin In AZ today!

    the pics dont do it any justice. most of the good hard core stuff we could not take pics, we were too busy trying to keep our heads above water..LOL i spent a lot of time under a big tree in the front yard cleaning my bike off today. we rode every type of terrain i could think of, except ice. it was only 98* today. Ya i took the TM for a dip. Scott
  3. scotty300

    Wet Ridin In AZ today!

    Hello Dustee, had a lot of fun today. glad you had your camera again. i like the pic of your bike with our fun trail in the background. cant wait until next weekind!!! Scott =)
  4. i dont see a kit listed on JD's web page, any idea if they can help with jetting a 02 TM300e??? i have never used a "jet kit" before but i cant seem to get this bike dialed in. i bought it new last year and only rode it a few rides. how do these kits work out for everyone??? thanks for the help, i know its not a thumper, but this will be my last 2 stroke scott
  5. scotty300

    anyone ridden one?

    i like mine
  6. scotty300

    Some helmetcam from today!

    no, this is north east of upper syc area. not sure what this area is called. it was fun and we had a good group of riders today. fun stuff
  7. scotty300

    Some helmetcam from today!

    that looks familiar stupid rocks right on a perfectly good hill, who thought of that?? LOL scotty
  8. scotty300

    pic's of today

    We had fun today, very dry and dusty. please rain on us soon. thanks for taking pics, thats great stuff. my show bike was dirty though i may pick up a small camera like that this week. its nice to see some of the images that i have stored in my head for so many years on the computer, and much easier to share them with others. just showed my wife the pics. is that camera a 3.1, 5.1??? and how many pics can you take on the mem. card?? anyways, thanks again and good to ride with ya. talk to you soon scott