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    KTM 450 Starting Problems

    I traced out the cable as you suggested. The lever on the side of the head releases all the way to the stop. I notice one of the postings suggested the the decompression is used only for a fuel loading to clear the bike of fuel only. The manual states the same. I assumed the leveler opens the exhaust value decompessing the cylinder. And in my case it is stuck. With no compression the bike won't start. Does this sound reasonable? If it were stuck open any suggestions on what to do?
  2. I recently purchased a 04 KTM450. The bike started fine with the battery installed. As a check I tried starting it with the kick start using the decompression. Now the bike will not start, I pulled the plug and discovered it was wet with fuel. A check for ignition appears fine. I suspect the decompression because it kicks way too easy now. Any thoughts?