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  1. HookNLadder

    Eat your heart out married guys.

    Very Nice! Your right - I Give -- She gets the dining room and formal living room - well.... basically the first and 2nd floors -- I get the basement (where the bikes are) and the garage. Guess I'll just have to deal with it -- As long as she doesn't flip out over the amount of gear I spend money on, I guess I can live with keeping the bikes in the basement!
  2. HookNLadder

    tool bag removal

    You can either fill the holes with some small bolts (since those holes to connect part of the rear fender to the frame) Or - get the Suzuki rack with the side load tool bag (that's what I did) The only problem with the side-load bag is that it is a lot smaller then the top mount bag. I use to keep extra things in there like reg-papers and insurance cards (even some sun screen) but that won't fit in the side load bag Either way - good luck
  3. HookNLadder

    Clear Lens for DRZ400S

    I was looking around, having a hard time finding clear turn signal covers for my DRZ400S. I liked the way they looked on the SM and wanted it for my S. I found this site - http://www.customdynamics.com/Suzuki_motorcycle_clear_tail_light_lens.htm Unfortunately, they didn't have a specific lens for a DRZ400S, however, they did have them for other Suzuki models. Turns out that the 01-04 Suzuki Bandit used the same turn lights as the DRZ's. If you are interested, check out that site - the part number you would want is CTS-0009. It costs 35 bucks to ship two packs (4 lens) to my house - then 5 bucks for some yellow 1156 bulbs. All-in-all, the little project cost 40 bucks and looks great. Just wanted to pass that along. Johnny
  4. HookNLadder

    East Coast, who rode in the snow this Weekend?

    I made it up and down the block a few times - tires held Ok but not great. Got 15 inches here in VA (outside of DC)
  5. HookNLadder

    new guy with drz400

    Sweet - Welcome! Its a good place to spend $
  6. HookNLadder

    What color is yours?

    I wish they still had the black and yellow I had to go with the 06 yellow (primary) and blue. Its ok and I will deal with it