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  1. thummaster

    New exhaust

    Sometime the copper gaskets are hard to see once they flatten out....I just replaced my head pipe and had to dig them out with a small flathead....
  2. thummaster

    Xr650l/xr650r exhaust swap...?

    I actually e-mailed the seller and they said no problem to swap it out.....I just didnt want to wait another 2 weeks to get it back..!!
  3. I got caught up in an E-bay auction and bought an exhaust mistakenly for a 650r....its been shipped....waiting for it to arrive but wondered if the two will swap.? I used the head pipe off my 89' xr600r and it works fine.....guess I pulled the trigger a little to soon without paying attention to the fit...oh well. just finished Dave's mods ....thanks to all the articles here on TT it was a breeze and Holy Shit....what a difference !! I have 19 washers left over for the needle mod if anyone wants one . as always thanks in advance for the help:thumbsup:
  4. thummaster

    Where to buy springs

    Thanks guys.....looks like the 12.0kg is the biggest I can find.....I will make some calls tommorow and see what I can find. Rode the bike for the first time tonite.....bone stock right down to the trailwings....forks are "mushy" at best when I let off the gas....and the pig pops like crazy....cant wait to rip it apart:smirk:
  5. thummaster

    Where to buy springs

    Not really looking for savings......just the right springs......I cant find a 12.5kg spring anywhere....maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot? I e-mailed a few places just waiting for responses.... thanks again for the help
  6. thummaster

    Where to buy springs

    I have done some searching and found a bunch of useless links..... I have searched the net without much luck....according to my calculations i need a 12.5kg main spring and .49kg fork springs. I will ride 70/30 street /trail....im 285lbs...6'5"...a fat bastard lol any suggestions on brand and where to buy? As always ....thanks in advance for all the help
  7. thummaster

    Which XR650L to buy....99' or 08' ?

    Thanks for the input..... Well, I bought the 1999 today......bone stock.....picking it up wednsday and ready to uncork that pig..... I will post a few pics when I get it home. Any first mod suggestion are appreciated.....
  8. thummaster

    Which XR650L to buy....99' or 08' ?

    Thanks Dave.....I just ran out to the garage to check my XR600....replaced the front sprocket a few years ago.....all looks good...maybe Im lucky ...I ride the shit out of that bike !!!
  9. thummaster

    Which XR650L to buy....99' or 08' ?

    Thanks for the input.....I kinda figured the 99'. Looks like the leak originates from the small caps that you remoce to adjust the valves...nothing major. Bike starts right up and seems to run strong. The guy is on vacation till the 17th but I made an appointment to go for a spin when he gets back...I am familiar with the XR's....I have a 1989 xr600 dirtbike that I have owned since new....still basically mint....I figured I would keep it for parts just in case. I have an upgraded exhaust....and a few other parts that I figired I could use on the 99'... Red Rust of Death.....? what am I looking for? again ...thanks for ther help....great forum and I have learned tons as a lurker..
  10. May seem like a dumb question to some but......I have a chance to buy a 1999 XR650L with 7100 miles.....good shape...taken care of with what looks like a rocker leak in the front of the motor.....stock bike w/ a nice rack, no mods whatsoever. The other is a 2008 w/ 3200 miles...smog kit, k&n, super brace, led's , rack etc...not sure of the exhaust or carb mods...exhaust looks stock. Grarge kept and both are adult ridden. Considering that both bikes are basically the same minus the few mods to the 08'....is it worth the extra $$$ for the newer bike....1999=$1500.....2008=$3500 Im wondering at what mileage I can expext a motor rebuildrebuild and what approx. cost. If I get bored with either bike in a few years I think it would be easier to unload the 99' and recoup my investment. Should I be afraid of a bike w/ 7k and a rocker leak...? any input is greatly appreciated.....
  11. thummaster

    xl.....xr ....motor interchange ??

    thanks...I'll check it out
  12. thummaster

    xl.....xr ....motor interchange ??

    Went to go look at/buy the 84' XL600.....complete junk...rotted frame, motor taken apart, missing all lights,electrics etc..... I will look for something 10 or so years old.....any suggestions !! Looking for an electric start thumper, reliable......some offroad, not much. thanks for the replies
  13. thummaster

    xl.....xr ....motor interchange ??

    thanks for the replies.......I think i will throw in the xr motor while I rebuild the xl motor.......wish it had electric start !!
  14. thummaster

    xl.....xr ....motor interchange ??

    I want to install the 89' motor in the 84' frame......I will change the throttle/cables also.... Is the dual carb motor a better choice in your opinion? At $250 for the xl its hard to pass up !!
  15. I was offered a deal on a 1984 xl600r with clean paper and a bad cam chain as far as I know......I have an 89' xr600 with a sweet running motor.....my question....can they be swapped?? Is the xl motor worth rebuilding ?? thanks for any input Bob