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  1. Ok, I guess this is just me talking out loud and venting. Last week I was in the Gresham area and figured I'd stop by to visit the "new" KTM shop in Gresham. I am a big supporter of local businesses (I am a small business owner myself) and just wanted to see what the "new" (or I guess old) ownership had on display and in stock. After talking to the guy behind the counter (long time motorcycle shop guy......i think most know him - good guy) I left with a new sense of hope. Finally a shop that I can walk into in a moments notice that is stocking lots of parts, has the local feel, and actually wants your business. I talked to the guy for a while and left with a couple of oil filters, some Maxima oil, and a bottle of premix. Again, I had intentions of forever supporting them with my purchases. After I got home I placed the bottle of premix next to others in my shop. I noticed that the exact same bottles had much different prices - Gresham KTM bottle was $11.99, the previous purchased bottle from a few months ago from anohter shop was $7.99. The Maxima was also different - Gresham KTM $8.95, other shop $6.95. I know this isn't going to break the bank, but I just don't understand. Shops will complain about the online pricing then turn around and jack up supplies pricing. The guy behind the counter and I specifically had the conversation about buying online vs. in a local shop. He said buying online doesn't help the shop or me. We all need to buy from them to keep them in business. With all this being said I just wish these guys would be competitive (or even close is good enough for me) with their supplies and parts pricing. I would love to buy everything from them but also need to watch what I spend. We have 6 mx bikes in our family and ride weekly. Thanks for listening!
  2. threeaces

    mountain view mx

    It might be a while till Mt. View dry's out. That clay can be real greasy. Love the Mt. View setting - best place to ride in my opinion! Good track, good people, and close to town.
  3. threeaces

    where is there to ride tomorrow? (saturday)

    Longview tomorrow..............take a raft!
  4. threeaces

    Anyone been riding @ Longview lately

    I'm still cleaning dust off everything from this last Sunday up there!
  5. threeaces

    Wheel Truing Shop in Portland Area

    I have a 10 inch BBR wheel for my son's KTM 50 that has a "wobble" in it. Anybody know of a good shop that does wheel truing in the Portland area?
  6. threeaces

    Family trip

    Is the State enforcing the under 7 year old law for the kids now at China Hat and East Fort Rock?
  7. threeaces

    kids mx track

    Albany MX has a small kids track. Mt. View has a kids track - very good track for kids to learn brakes, turns, standing up, etc. The most difficult kids track I've ever seen. Longview is great for kids to learn - wide, very smooth, but VERY dusty. These comments come from a guy with an 5 yr old and 8 yr old kid. Both on KTM's.
  8. threeaces

    Racing at PIR for the first time

    $8 gate fee + $22 per class race fee. Racing usually starts about 6:45. There are usually 15 to 20 motos - they run through them twice (so 30 to 40 races). Depending on what race number your class is (they vary every week) you could be done as early as 8:30 or as late as 10:00. By the time you load up, drive home, unload, get a shower, it's usually well past 11:00. My only tip would be to make friends with the guys around you. Having someone that has raced there before will know where to be and at what time. Also, might be a good idea to pack a dinner. Food & drink is expensive and less than desireable.
  9. There is a 32 acre MX/ATV park south of Pilot Rock, Oregon. Anybody been there to ride? If so, what is the riding like?
  10. threeaces

    Of some local Interest

    I guess keeping it confidential is one way to be the "flag leader". You wouldn't believe the neighborhood records I hold!
  11. threeaces

    Should I dump my X and get an R?

    I bought a new 2006 250x a few years back with the intention of mostly riding trails. Since then, both kids are on KTM's and ripping around tracks. Now it seems most all of my riding is track riding - and I love it! I hardly see any X's on the track and am wondering if I should switch out to the R model? I ride the beginner classes, but am fairly decent - been riding most my life (now 39 years old). I guess I'm wondering if it's worth switching out for the less weight, different gearing, mx suspension, etc. Any advice out there?
  12. threeaces

    Seattle Supercross: Freestyle rider that got hurt?

    We were sitting on the 50 yard line, 5 rows up on the east side of the stadiium. Before the jump (when they were circling towards the area where they gassed it), I noticed he (the 4th rider in the line) slowed alomost to a stop and looked down towards his back wheel. It was almost like something was wrong with the bike. It then looked like he kicked the back end of the bike, shrugged his shoulders, then caught up with the other three. All this only took a few seconds. All this happend so quick that nobody in my group noticed. At the time I didn't think much of it, then after the crash I figured it had to be a bike problem. Regardless, those guys are crazy!
  13. threeaces

    Children riding laws in WA

    Are you guys sure about this? Here in Oregon it's age 7, and they I've heard they will actually enforce it this year.
  14. threeaces

    Clark County Arenacross

    Only open a couple of months a year - part of November, December, and part of January. Look further on the website for information.
  15. threeaces

    indoor track in clark county