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  1. if this were true then how come there hasn't been a 2t on the supercross podium/track for years:moon:
  2. Bell47

    What's the word on the 2007 Aprillia 550 dual sport?

    07 had a few problems apparently. i have an 08 and have had no problems. I wouldn't get an 06 or 07 unless i couldn't find an 08. Great bike, more power than you'll ever need on dirt (but i wouldnt want any less now) definitly the most fun i've had on two wheels.
  3. Bell47

    MZ Baghira

    wow thanks for the info what an interesting company cheers
  4. Bell47

    Aprilia RXV VS Husky TE 2008

    for a first bike get a cheap sh#t box. only has to be for 6 months, but is definitly worth it. If you just want a new bike and your going to use it on the road then get a 510/550 over the 450s. i have an08 rxv550 with 2k on it. love it no problems but the trick is getting the bike set up by a really good dealer, if they don't know or care then you will have problems. the undeseat pipes come as standard in OZ for road rego but the single arrow pipe comes with the bike and give's (once efi is set up) another 10hp. granted itsnot entirely needed but it's there to be had so... the husky will give less problems though the aprilia hasnt given me any probs yet) and in OZ come with a 2 year warranty slightly better than the 2 year warranty on the aprilia the numbers are the same but there different. i wouldn't swap the ape for anything else on 2 wheels
  5. never buy the 'a' model of anything!!
  6. Vengox i don't know what the bmw is like to ride but compared to other dirt bikes i've ridden (a few 450's and a 525) the rxv 550 is a rocket. definitly the most fun bike i've had to ride. but doing road miles on it can be tiresome the seat is not made for it and 72 hp on the tar is not enough after a short while. probably especially true after getting off that other bike of yours. although putting a motard kit on it would make a world of difference. more $$$ though. being old is only a state of mind
  7. although you could always tell yourself that 'at least its not a Volvo'
  8. Yes but its a BMW. old people drive bmw's:p
  9. cheers pilot the tank would make the bike much more useable.
  10. only 7.8 l. and i cant find anywhere here or there that sells the 3.2gallon for an 08. any ideas
  11. 120 miles mark?? no kidding i get about 65 to 70 km not miles. are you switching off one cylinder? the fuel milage is my only gripe, not how much it uses but how small the tank is other wise my rxv 550 is the best bike i ever rode in terms of pure hooliganistic enjoyment!!
  12. Bell47

    BMW F800GS vibration

    vibration? so ..it runs, a BMW:smirk:
  13. Bell47

    MZ Baghira

    mz? never heard of it. either exotic or chinese.
  14. Bell47

    Help My Ape 450 started knocking

    interesting reading the warm up theorys. i was told to adjust it to run between 1800 and 2000. let us know when they find the problem.
  15. to add to marks post, 9. nothing sounds better than an aprilia at idle. 10. except an aprilia screaming 11. its not just a ride its an experience!