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  1. rokhopr

    6'4" & Taller riders? Also pushing 300lbs.

    At 6'5", I raised the seat 2" (Renazco), added 1" bar risers, installed Renthal Pro Taper SE (7/8") KX-HI bars, and lowered the pegs. Also, I stand up as much as possible to stretch out (I also ride observed trials a lot so standing is no biggee - in fact I prefer standing to sitting.) Good Luck.
  2. rokhopr

    Tank Bag and Seat

    If he doesn't, I've got a Wolfman Expedtion Small Tank Bag available. GC.
  3. rokhopr

    DR650 Aqualine tank

    I went the fuel pump route. BTW the DF44-211 lacks the capacity to keep up with hard acceleration, at least on my open airbox, DJ kit, Staintune piped DR650. The DF52-73 works fine - just blocked off one of the outlet tubes.
  4. rokhopr

    DR650SE Needle Comparison

    Thanks to this thread I've got my DR650 running pretty smooth. Now that I've got a baseline setting for the jets.... summer time and going to the mountains will change the available air density. Does anyone have a conversion chart or rules of thumb for changing jetting relative to altitude and\or temperature changes? I'm at 1,000 feet now going to 10,000. Temps now are in the 60's but shortly going to 90+. DJ165, DJNeedle 4th clip, drilled slide, jessie fuel screw 1 1/4, open airbox, staintune pipe, uni filter. Thanks - great work mx_rob!!
  5. rokhopr

    Staintune Exhaust?

    How did you make a spark arrestor for your staintune exhaust? I've got one also and will be riding thru some Natl Forest on the SpringTAT ride. thanks
  6. rokhopr

    2002 DR 650 Oil cooler

    Does anyone know how to by-pass the oil cooler if it fails on the trail as in this case? That way you could at least ride your way out. thanks mpc 05 DR650
  7. rokhopr

    handle bar size

    7/8" if you are looking at ProTaper as a replacement they are the SE (seven-eighths) model.
  8. rokhopr

    Did the 600 mile tune myself

    Call Jesse at http://www.kientech.com/ he sells a valve adjusting tool kit that has the feeler gauges and the valve adjuster tool. They are not advertised on his web page so just call him.
  9. rokhopr

    DR 650 Valve adjustment...HELP!

    Jesse has a valve adjusting kit that has the feeler gauges and tappet adjuster - works great. http://www.kientech.com/
  10. rokhopr

    What's wrong with stock?

    If you want to stay stock - don't read this forum - it will make you want more and more stuff. Once you start tweaking it is hard to stop. Mr. FedEx just this minute showed up at the front door with a StainTune pipe gotta go!!!
  11. rokhopr

    Heated Hand Grips

    Is that the White or Yellow wire going into the headlight...I've got the switch mounted in the same place - thanks!!
  12. rokhopr

    Heated Hand Grips

    I've got the Dual Star Grip Heaters also - but I'm "electrically challenged" - what color wire on the bike do you connect to get power to the heaters? thanks
  13. rokhopr

    Latest seat update

    I just finished my first long ride, 120 miles, using the stock seat - ouch ouch and ouch. I'm in line with Renazco for a custom seat and after today I'm ready now but it will be another 3 weeks til he has an opening.
  14. rokhopr

    DR650 performance

    You will also get GREAT SUPPORT from Jesse - I called \ emailed him about 6 times while installing the springs and jetting kit and always got a quick and accurate response. Jesse rocks!!
  15. rokhopr

    Highest highbend handlebars?

    Go to http://www.protaper.com/sebars.html click on "Load Chart" and you can see the specs on all the bars. I went with KX High 108mm and they don't sweep back as far as the others. CR High are 95mm.