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  1. Your jetting sounds fine. +1 on what "koolaid" stated. You may find a need to richen the fuel screw an 1/8 - 1/4 turn.
  2. I've ridden mine on the road at sustained speed (60) for only about 15 miles. Had a broken shifter and was limping back to camp. It wasn't too much at all and the RPMs weren't too high. Mine will top out at 86 mph (on a dry lake bed with wind at my back) I think you need to ensure you get one with a Wide ratio tranny and maybe consider dropping the rear sprocket a tooth or two and you'll be fine. For what you're describing I think you'll be fine.
  3. Maybe a bit nervous about the results and you're leaning forward. Sit back a tad, give the throttle a whack, and lift on the bars at the same time.
  4. G2 "Quick Turn" tube is nice. Aluminum and shortens how much you need to twist. I don't think it made it easier to turn though, which is what it seems like you were looking for.
  5. By "set" do you mean you have changed the spring for your weight or simply adjusted the pre-load?
  6. Are you doing this to support a big bore kit? Just wondering if you are trying to piece two bikes together to get one of them running. I have a functional stock 50 carb if you need one.
  7. I actually just tried a set of the Italian Plastics you can find on fleabay for the X. They all fit pretty well. Air box door was a bitch though. Everything else matches up nicely. Give this a look http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-PLASTIC-KIT-HONDA-CRF450X-SHROUDS-FENDERS-PLATES-WHITE-/281128743092?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item41749430b4 This link is for the 08 and forward, but they also have for 05-07. Just figured you can look and find what you need.
  8. May be as simple as needing to go richer on the fuel mixture given you are in cooler weather. Cooler weather means more dense, more oxygenated air. 1/4 - 1/2 turn richer to compensate. If you used JD suggested jetting you should be fine and no need to change jets, but you might need to simply meter the fuel mixture differently now the cold weather has set in. Something easy to try and consider even if you found the pilot or pilot passage way to be clogged. If none of this works then maybe the AP diaphram, sticky hot start, possibly the floating plate seal on the slide could be other culprits Good luck.
  9. Yep, you're right. I stated the lean and rich conditions backwards.
  10. Sounds like he is missing the starter button since only references the button on the left and not the right. If you don't have it on the right then go to OEM part catalogue and you can buy it and reconnect. Sounds like previous owner removed it many times when that is done the battery is gone too. Good luck.
  11. +1 Only difference for you to save money is buy the NCVS needle Krannie mentioned rather than the complete JD kit which has the Red needle. When you pull the pilot for the swap you should check to ensure the passage way is not clogged any. Should idle fine after, but the bog may still be there until you do the leak jet and AP mods.
  12. Krannie - it warms our hearts to see you get into the Xmas spirit. LOL I'll be sure to bring some Kool-Aid for you the next time I can make out to the Friday night gathering at ASR. Red wine or a Red Ale is an acceptable substitute for the Kool-Aid, right?
  13. I keep reading people saying this, but I also have heard that Husaberg takes the KTM engine and does a bit of porting on it to get more torque out of it. That being said the KTM parts all match up with the Berg. You shouldn't have any issues finding 300 parts, whether you have the KTM, Husaber, or Husky version
  14. Just got to jet the 300 correctly and you'll be fine. I'm getting about 90 to a tank and that's with a lot of throttle work, not just cruising. You should be able to do above 100 especially when you're on the road or calmer trails. For a trip like that you might want to think of going up a tooth on the front sprocket or down a few on the rear. You might need the top end and First is so low it would impact much when you get to the trail.
  15. Not sure why you would go so lean. IMO the 50:1 and 60:1 (my 2012 book recommendation) is probably just a requirement by the EPA as some strange attempt to make it look like they are trying to keep emmissions down. I would, at minimum, go with the dealer at 40:1.