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  1. on my 08 13/49 great gear combo, in arenacross I never get out of second. Works well on national tracks too. On my 02 it is geared at 13/52 loads of bottom just got to shift more and ride everything a gear higher.
  2. I got an 08 yz250f. Yesterday bunch of friends came out to my supercross track, it was muddy slightly misting pretty cold and I am not going to lie I used the clutch quite a bit. You could smell the clutch and it was slipping. When I was done riding with the bike on the stand, I seen a little bit of white oil on the stand under the breather hose. The sight glass is still normal color, and the coolant level hasn't gone done. Do I have anything to worry about?
  3. Yz250f18

    Supercross Pro license question

    I am sending off for my pro card here with in the next few weeks and have a few questions that someone on here that has one might be able to answer. My main question is with different rules and all, once you get it does it only permit you to race the nationals till you acquire 1 point till you can race supercross? or can I go straight to like the dallas round? I am asking this bc I am alot better indoors then out the more technical a track is the better for me. Thanks in advance on any info.
  4. Yz250f18

    Learning how to whip

    here Ryan Clark explains it better than I can. I wish there was videos like this when I was trying to learn how to whip I just watched videos of guys throwing it and learned from trial and error. I think this is a great tutorial video. Hope this helps.
  5. Yz250f18

    This guy can ride a bike.

    That guy is amazing. I also liked the last scene as well.
  6. Yz250f18

    Learning how to whip

    The advise I could give you is a whip doesn't start in the air. It's all about the approach on the face. I could show you better then I can explain it but, I'll try to make sense. On the approach lean the bike over or angle it on the face to which direction you want to go like kinda using the side knobbies to bite, you want to lean with the bike as well. If you do it right the centrifugal force will bring your bike from flat to kicked out to back straight again. Start out small then once you get the hang of it you will be throwing it flat. Hope this helps you out some.
  7. Yz250f18

    Full throttle jump out of a corner

    Seat bounce the jump.
  8. Yz250f18

    Arenacross gearing???

    Thanks for the help. Bc I got one in a few weeks and the pro class is going to be stacked. I was wanting to have an idea if I should test some other combo's or Stay with the gear combo that I like.
  9. Yz250f18

    Arenacross gearing???

    I'm not a newb to arenacross. But here is my question I got an 08 yz250f and was wondering what gearing combo works great for arenacross. I have raced 3 arenacross' on this bike since I got it late 08 and always used the stock 13/49 gear combo. I don't have any problem with the gearing, but never tried anything different either. My dad is thinking a 50 would give me a little more grunt out of the corners and help a little off the gate. I also seen where keith Johnson runs a 52. My practice track is tight as an arenacross track but with supercross obstacles and no problems there. Just seeing if I can benefit more from a different gear combo.
  10. Yz250f18

    08 yz graphics ?

    Does anyone have pics of what the san manuel graphics look like with the black backgrounds? I like the graphics but would like to see what they look like with the black backgrounds? Any help is appreciated.
  11. Yz250f18

    Traveling with bikes?

    I usually get a ground level room and wheel the bike in with me and put it up on it's stand.
  12. Yz250f18

    Dallas Raceday Links

    Does anybody notice that the track is the same as san diego 04' but I will be there and Texas stadium is not the biggest floor so it will be a lot tighter than it was in san diego.
  13. Well all the guys told me to get my motor fixed. How hard is it to take apart a bottom end and rebuild it? I have always been real mechanical but I guess it is all the gears and transmission that intimidate me. Top ends are no problem and are a breeze. But the guy that does all my motor work broke his collar bone and cannot do it till he heals up. What special tools would I need besides a torque wrench? Any help or advice is appreciated. I got the factory and a clymers (spell check) manual, hopefully I can get this together and get back to roosting it up.
  14. The deal is I have no problem doing a full top end job but never took apart a bottom end. How hard is it?