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  1. Purplepsyche

    TTR250 problem

    Hi... I have bought a 'white' TTr250 that hasn't been used for a while. I've cleaned the carb, changed the fuel and spark plug, checked the valve clearances, etc. The bike now starts and ticks over perfectly, but.... When I blip the throttle the motor 'cuts'. At low throttle openings the motor 'stutters'. It feels like it is running weak (lean). As I cant find anything else wrong I am wondering if someone has messed with the needle setting. Does anyone know the standard clip position? ... or have any other suggestions?
  2. Purplepsyche

    Gas Gas 450fse

    Thanks for all of your views and advice..... I have decided to buy a Yamaha!
  3. Purplepsyche

    Gas Gas 450fse

    I put a deposit down on an '03 450 gasser some weeks ago now at my local dirt bike dealer, subject to them getting the bike running properly. They haven't managed to do so and I am wondering what to do.... The bike runs and rides well apart from: 1). It takes ages to start 2). When slowing down to a halt, the motor cuts out and is difficult to restart. The dealer has replaced the E.C.U., throttle position sensor, rebuilt the top-end of the motor..... and are now 'at their wits end' of what the problem could be! Should I: 1). Make them an offer and try to fix the bike myself (I think I could get it for a steal!!). 2). Walk away and buy something else. Any suggestions would be welcomed, Thanks.
  4. Purplepsyche

    '03 Gas Gas 450 FSE

    Thanks guys! I have read a lot of negative posts about the '03 on this forum and I was getting a bit concerned that I would be buying myself a heap of grief. I guess people mainly post the problems they have had with their bikes and not just to say how great they are. I have many years experience of riding and working on motorcycles (too many??) although riding in the dirt is new to me (mid-life crisis!). I will be maintaining the Gasser myself and am wondering if anyone has any specific tips..... other than the usual stuff?
  5. Purplepsyche

    '03 Gas Gas 450 FSE

    I have paid a deposit on an '03 450FSE. My excitement at picking up the bike later this week has now turned to concern having read some of the horror stories on this site about the Gassers reliability. The bike I am buying is low miles and is sitting in a dealers awaiting a new ECU.... I am assuming that when I get the bike it will all have been checked over and OK..... But for how long? Does anyone out there have some positive experiences of owning an '03???