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  1. moto_mambo

    my DR600 1989 is ready

    Aw nice , nice....very nice indeed. I love to see before and after shots. Youve done some great detailed work there maan. Well done.
  2. moto_mambo

    06' DR650 Black Plastic Chainguard-Do I Need It???

    The chainguard is compulsory for licensing in the UK. Mines came from Italy and didn't have one. I made one myself. think theres a photo in my profile. taking a passenger can be a bit dodgy with no guard.
  3. moto_mambo

    94 clutch slipping

    Sounds just like the way I'm thinking about this problem ! thanks for the re-assurance. Ive had the clutch in bits twice and it's imaculate. Do you think the 2'' straight through muffler I fitted has boosted the h-power a bit more and just taken it over the edge ? I made it myself in stainless steel and thought I would have to mess about and re-jet n' stuff but it runs like a dream,ticks over peachy and fk-me is it LOUD !!! It's actually startin to pss me off alittle....jeez I never thought i'd say that but youd probably agree if you heard it. Maybe I should try and post a sound bite ! Cheers
  4. moto_mambo

    94 clutch slipping

    My clutch is slipping slightly under hard exceleration. Bike is standard with 2'' straight thru pipe and no other mods. Iv'e had the clutch apart and verniered the plates with no apparent wear. It's very low miles for a 94 bike. Tried adjustment at cable ends too. Anyone fitted uprated springs before ? Any ideas wot's causing the slippage ?
  5. moto_mambo

    Rear mudguard swap for 94 DR

    OOFT !!! I just got my supermoto'd DR out for the first time this year and had forgot how fkn mental it is !!! Iv'e decided to get it on a diet and make it look as skinny as possible so the first thing is to get rid of all the stock shit on the back like the mudguard , pegs , rack and indicators. Does anyone know of a cool lookin' rear fender which would slip on easy and would be available in the UK ? also, what kinda difference does losing a tooth on the front sprocket make ? ....keep it sideways !
  6. moto_mambo

    Tire size

    I'm runnin' a 160 on the back and 120 on the front. Obviously on non-standard Morad rims. The bikes a 94 Italian import (to the UK ) and it's mental !
  7. Anyone got any tips for getting alloy wheels to look good again after a bikes been laid-up thru a cold winter ?
  8. moto_mambo

    Can you upgrade the exhaust without a re-jet?

    Wybs. Yeh,the photos could be better. Someone was curious to see the pipe so I took the only opportunity I had....at night with flash. You shoulda seen them before photoshop !
  9. moto_mambo

    Exhaust stuffin'

    Its real loud and sounds like nothin' else Iv'e ever heard. Someone just said the tone can be lowered by NOT packing the stuffing in so tight. Makes sense. I packed mine super-tight thinking it might last longer.
  10. Love the photo with the side panel off. Ive been campaining for the 'off with the panels' look. Why hide such a 'check this out' piece of kit. Fair enough if your in competition you'll need your race numba on, but on the street get rid of them. The bike looks light and agile without all that plastic and you can really appreciate the maad clearance between the tyre and frame. I made my own muffler ( see my garage ) and I'm desperate to get a spare set of side panels to cut down. Nice bike.....keep the rims black.
  11. moto_mambo

    Is your thumper loud or quiet poll

    Ive had to cut loose at page 6, but mines is real loud. I made the muffler myself and managed to get six packs of stuffin' in. Thats as quiet as it can be. Its 2" inside dia. straight thru. You can almost hear it if u look at it in my garage ! We all like the attention but I'm starting to get bored with it.
  12. moto_mambo

    Exhaust stuffin'

    I made my own muffler recently ( see my garage ) and was astonished to find it ate up 6 bags of stuffing. As i'm doing the stuffing theres this wee thought nagging away at me...'This stuff looks just like fire blanket material'...so at six UK pounds a bag and most places you go in public have them hangin' around all over the joint.....are ya hearin' me guys. I havent tried it but it might just work. ???
  13. moto_mambo

    Can you upgrade the exhaust without a re-jet?

    Wow, maan this ones a searin' hot debate. I dont wish to jump in and sort this out but what i'm gonna say goes against most of wot iv'e read in this thread. I made my own pipe for my 94 dr 650. I put it on and expected it to run like shit. On it went and to my astonishment not only was it sounding like a moto gp bike but it completely smoothed out two other problems I had ( stalling when moving off in 1st and alternating tickover ). I did ask around to try & find out if even its running great , perhaps I might be doing some damage. I have other bikes and dont use the DR much but I will check the plug condition and quite fancy doing the jet kit & airbox mod. Hope Iv'e not thrown petrol on the fire here. Photos of the pipe in my garage.
  14. moto_mambo

    Pics of my mods. 94 DR 650

    Finally managed to work out how to get pics on-line. Theres photos of a stainless muffler & chainguard I made. Also a shot of the bike. You'll see them in my garage.....he says hesitantly!
  15. moto_mambo

    1993 DR650 Clutch Basket Cover

    Have you had a general look all around the cover cos theres a lot more stuff has to come off before it becomes free to be removed.