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  1. bherstine

    06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

    Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I need to do some studying and do the work myself.
  2. bherstine

    06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

    I just thought of something, I did put a new Pro Circuit stainless header pipe on it but it looks identical to the stock one. Do you think that there is a big enough difference in the two that I need to get it rejetted?
  3. bherstine

    06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

    I was going to put a new plug in but my friend misplaced it. I checked the spark and it is strong. I know its tough to tell by looking at them sometimes but this one looks almost brand new.
  4. bherstine

    06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

    You might find this strange or maybe not, but I don't know. After I bought it in 06, a friend of mine at the local shop hooked me up and changed the jets for me. Thats sad, but when it come to the technical stuff, I let the experts handle it. I might just take it back down there on Monday. They aren't too busy now anyway.
  5. bherstine

    06 YZ450 stock idle screw setting

    You don't know my little girl. I rode last winter and never had this same issue. What else could it be?
  6. I have a silly question and please don't ask me why I need to know this but, does anyone know the stock setting for the idle screw on a 2006 YZ450? I think my daughter got a hold of it and now I am having a hard time starting it. The last time I rode the bike, it ran great. Now I can't get it to start. If changing the idle screw setting would not have anything to do with getting it started, does anyone know what else I should look at? I try to start it the way I always have and I don't get anything that even resembles it turning over. I have pulled the plug and it it soaking wet. I dried the plug, dried the cylinder and tried it again, again, and again. Still no luck. Please help. I hate to take it to the local shop and get charged an arm and leg to fix something simple. Thanks.
  7. bherstine

    Florida Trip - Orlando / Tampa areas

    Sorry it took me so long to thank everyone for their responses. Been too busy at work. Not enough play time. BH
  8. I plan on trailering my dirtbike to Florida the week of Christmas to do some riding. I heard of a few places I should hit (Ocala and Crooms) but I would like some other opinions. I consider myself an experienced rider and I am open to any type of terrain. Any help appreciated. Bill
  9. bherstine

    newbie oil quest 06 450

    I just bought a 06 450 and started to use Yamalube because of the extended warranty I was able to purchase (talk about a sweet deal). It seems to be holding up fine. Not sure about the street bike thing. One question, the owners manual stated that changing the oil and filter requires a little over 1 US quart. Did you notice that this measurement is wrong? I checked with the service department and they asked me if I fired up the bike after I added the first quart. Because the manual never stated it, I never did. I had to put close to 2 quarts in my bike to get it up to a operating level. Sound familiar? And yes, this 450 is awesome. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  10. Well I have received awesome info on tires, now how about sprocket combos. I ride mostly tight stuff and a lot of hills. Maybe I am jumping the gun right now (without first upgrading my flywheel) but I am wondering if it would be worth if for me to change my flywheel combo? I am finding myself constantly clutching and braking on the downhill trails because I am carrying too much speed in 1st gear into turns. On top of that, I am feathering the clutch on the uphill stuff trying to keep on the power. I have been told that the WR would have been a better bike for my riding areas. I am not a big guy and the added weight of the WR did not work. In addition that YZ450F power is like crack to me, I can't get enough of it. Any advice for an addicted junky????
  11. bherstine

    Tire help!! - Please

    Thanks for the great info. Looks like I will head in the direction of the Maxxis IT since the price is right. Happy trails!
  12. bherstine

    Tire help!! - Please

    Well, I just had my 4th ride this past week end on my new 06 450F and I did nothing but wheel spin all day. A buddy of mine is swearing by the Michelin s12's but I am looking for a second opinion. I ride mostly in the woods and hit an occasional gas or power line. I am looking for a tire that obviously wears good (since the factory Dunlop is already shot) and handles tight swirvy stuff. BY the way, I do plan on buying a flywheel weight soon to help aid in the traction department. Thanks!
  13. bherstine

    CRF450 or YZ450f

    Just got the YZ450F 4 days ago and love it. Never rode the CRF450 but rode the CRFX (not really a comparison) and wasn't that impressed. I guess after reading the reviews of the X I expected more. I would lean towards the Yamaha, not that I am partial or anything.....
  14. I need have a spark arrester on my bike to ride some areas here in the NorthEast. What is the most inexpensive solution? I can obviously buy a new pipe, but I was wondering if there are any aftermarket companies selling a mod kit for a stock pipe. Help.
  15. bherstine

    Flywheel Weight???

    I would be interested in these results as well. I just purchased an 06 yzf450 and put 3 hours on it yesterday on some tight trails and open tracks. I did catch myself having to use the clutch a lot in the tight stuff for fear of it stalling on me. I would assume the flywheel weight would make it harder to kick start? I am not a big guy (5'7" 155) and although I never had a problem kicking it, I don't want to cross that line of easy to difficult. Any comments welcome.