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  1. HSB

    12inch front setup

    Well is it for dirt or motard? What I hear people doing for motard is if your using a drum set up is to get a KX 60 rear rim and relace it to a front. why a rear is because the front is too narrow for motard. The KX 60 rims are drums too. If track then go to buchanan rims and spokes to have custom cut 12 inch spokes.
  2. HSB

    Front Disc on stock Forks

    They are just mountain bike brakes. Forget about it. The only brakes worth anything are KTM 65 forks w/brembo or The ultimate is KX 65. The Storm brakes suck. They are made to stop mountain bikes not a KLX 110's weight compounded with the riders weight then speed and maybe power coming off a jump. Back when there was no other system the storms may have been the shit but not anymore. Even Marzocchi know that their brakes don't hold up and now make adapters to put on KX 65 brakes. Save your money and get the right set up.
  3. HSB

    My new graphics!

    Takegawa makes a Scut 178cc kit,BUT its only available in Japan for now. Before anyone asks that doesn't know SCUT Means it has a skirtless piston. Meaning its shorter so you don't need to bore out the case. Also it doesn't come with a stroker so you just put it together like any other bore up kit.
  4. HSB

    110 help!!!!!!!!

    What are you crazy? No way. Auto clutch that is just plain lazy. Your gonna upgrade to a manual clutch anyways. Rm 85 is a racer. There are just some skills you can polish better on a 2-stroke.
  5. HSB

    Getting a 110

    He didn't say anything about a KX65. That was my opinion. KLX 110 being more of a trial bike and KX 65 being a racing. So like I said if you serious then get a KX 65. It builds future skills. If its just for play get a KLX 110
  6. HSB

    Brand x swingarm/ shock

    Don't cut corners you really do get what you pay for.
  7. HSB

    Getting a 110

    I know KX 65 is not a pitbike. This is also not the pitbike section. It is about a kid needing a upgrade. I don't think when a kid rides a CRF 50 would mean he/she is racing a pitbike since the bike was made for kids. Like I said if its just for fun get a KLX 110 if your gonna race get a KX 65
  8. HSB

    Getting a 110

    Well do you want ot race or just ride? If you just ride then get a KLX 110. So many parts out there. Now if you race I'd get a KX 65. I really think you can develope better riding skills on a 2 stroke. well now that 2 strokes are going out ,when she out grows the KX 65 upgrade to a CRF 150R.
  9. HSB

    Where to get kx 60 forks?

    I know what your sayin but then you can buy just the parts you need. don't get the rods or springs. Get aftermarket ones to replace it. At least they will be brand new.
  10. HSB

    KX 65 fork oil

    Thanke alot. Will get right to the wrenchin
  11. HSB

    Where to get kx 60 forks?

    go to the classified section on TT there is a guy sellin them right now for $400 tricked out. He even has pictures.
  12. HSB

    KX 65 fork oil

    Does anyone know how much oil you need for the forks. I am planning to rebuild some that have blown.
  13. HSB

    high performance CDI?

    I notice the differece. I ride hot all the time. So I ride the piss out of the top end. I need the over rev.
  14. HSB

    ktm65sx shock on klx110 with extended swingarm?

    sounds really exoctic .You'll be the frist. KTM parts are real nice. You can put KTM 65 forks with the triples on the KLX just by buying different head set bearings. You'll have the inverted forks with if you get the right year you can get the ones with brembo brakes. If the rear shock thing works here is your opportunity to maybe start your own company.
  15. HSB

    Aftermarket parts ratings.

    To be honest I see BBR being the pioneers of new and inovative parts but!.... I ride with 6 friends and out of the 6, 3 of them bought products of BBR and they sucked. BBR handle bar kit for a 50 broke, BBR 50 pipe broke less than 4 rides at the silencer for no reason. Finally CRF 150R pipe..This thing started to leak around the Silencer from one ride. Yes 1 ride. I have been building my KLX 110 to a dream and I am almost done. KX 65 front forks with TRI Star triples. This gives me alittle more travel than the Marrzocchi's and KX 65 has better brakes. Also look at it like this if I break something I just order stock oem Kawasaki kx 65 parts. I got limited edition two brothers black swing arm with race tech shock. This rear set up is sooo awesome I can't even compare it. It also comes with free 6 months over hail on the shock. 143 bore up. The next thing I want is KX 65 rear rim so I can hook up a disc set up. I already have a set of cyclone rims with custom bucanan spokes set up on a extra set of stock hubs just for motarding too. I have to tell you I like 2 brothers products but its really a mis match between many companies that give you the best set up. A muffler from this company foot pegs from that ect. I think you should ask about a specific part to get the answers you need.