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  1. Lucam

    40mm Keihin Carb on an 06 CRF250X

    I'll give it a try, thanks.
  2. Lucam

    40mm Keihin Carb on an 06 CRF250X

    Thanks for the insights, I'd better stick with my stock carb.
  3. Lucam

    40mm Keihin Carb on an 06 CRF250X

    I was not aware the r was having specific carb trouble, I thought it was a general thing with FCR carbs?
  4. Has any tried running a 40mm carb (from a CRF250r) on a CRF250x? I'm wondering if you can get a good power increase? I already made all the typical upgrades (exhaust w/head pipe, open airbox, rejet, pink wire) and would like a bit more power since I ride at 10,000 ft. Any comments?
  5. Lucam


    I have the Pro Circuit 496 silencer with head pipe and the bike rides awesome. The power increase came at the low and mid power band. However, you definitely need to do the cc mods (open air box, rejet and pink wire) to maximize power. Check-out this article. http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/offroad/141_0706_24_hour_modified_dirt_bike_test/honda_crf250x.html
  6. I just bought a new 2006 CRF250X and I am in the process of making the common mods and jetting. I wanted to get some guidance as where to start with the jet setting. The bike will be set-up as follows: - Air box cut to CCCM specs - Pro Circuit 496 silencer and PC head pipe - Pink wire disconnected - stock air filter - riding temperature ~ 50 to 75 degrees - riding altitude ~ 9,000 to 10,000 ft - JD jet kit - JD leak air jet kit Any feedback/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Greg
  7. Lucam

    CRF250X vs KTM200EXC??

    Thanks everyone for your great comments and observations. It is good to see that the feedback is very consistent from everyone. Now I feel very confident that I can't go wrong with the CRF250X.
  8. Lucam

    CRF250X vs KTM200EXC??

    Do you think the 250X would be comparable in power to the KTM if I make some minor mods to the 250X? Such as an aftermarket head pipe and silencer (Pro Circuit), open-up the air box, rejet and unplug the pink wire. I wouldn't want to change the cam nor rebuild the motor (big bore) at this time.
  9. Lucam

    CRF250X vs KTM200EXC??

    I am debating on which bike to buy?? I just sold my WR450F because I thought the bike was a bit too heavy for me and due to the tight trails and steep hills that I ride in (also at 10,000 ft altitude). I am thinking about buying an 06' CRF250X since it is lighter and should be easier to handle. However, the only concern I have is the power at 10,000 ft. (people say you get about 15% less power at this altitude). I'm not a big guy, 5'6" and 160 lbs., so I think the bike should be fine? However, a couple of friends suggest I get a KTM200EXC 2 stroker since they say it is lite with very good power? But the KTM does not have the magic button, plus having to mix gas again? Your thoughts are great appreciated.