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  1. Nope - Still havent found a bike, who in Cocoa would be willing to give a decent deal? Let me know - Thanks
  2. Ok Guys, so I headed down to the local Yamaha dealer to pick up that nice 450F LE that I had been drooling over in the window for several weeks. I am greeted by a young lady who asks me if I have any questions. I tell her not really, that I am ready to buy and just want to talk about the price. I dont really want to drive too far away and want to give my business to a local dealer who will be doing the maintenance. I ask her to come off the LE a couple hundred and I would be happy to buy today. At first she said that she wouldnt be able to and started babling about them going into a museum one day because they are so rare ?????. I informed her it was yellow plastic and a graphic kit. No big deal... Anyway she gets the manager who agrees to take 200 off the RETAIL price and starts to write it up. They try to add almost $600.00 for shipping and building the bike I said no way Jose. I am not paying 600 dollars, then 189 for a title fee, then 150 for administrative costs. They would not budge on the price and needless to say, I didnt buy from them. Lesson: Dont EVER try to buy from the Yamaha dealership in Tallahassee, FL they totally SUCK!!!

    YZ 450 LE prices

    Hi Everyone - Great Site, I love this place...good people too... Anyway, looking at a '06 450 LE and was wondering what everyone was paying for them...wondering how much dealers are coming down on them? What has been your experience? Thanks so much!!

    My 06' Lineup!

    By the way..what is everyone paying for their 'O6 LE 450's?