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  1. worxster

    YZ Pipe On a WR

    Thanx Chaps for the info was a little stressed , Have checked it out there is a span of info Sorry My BAD !!
  2. worxster

    OMG! Airbox fan

    Yo WheelsUp i rekon ur right i am supa happy with my 07 WR its too good i just bolted a YZ Header & Can & JD Jet Kit to it and it has made an unreal difference like Bottled Rage i tell you. possibly the best mod i have done so far. any other mods you recomend ?
  3. worxster

    OMG! Airbox fan

    mmmm. true , good info , you rekon it is worth a try or not ? are you gonna give it a try?
  4. worxster

    YZ Pipe On a WR

    Bolted a YZ Header & Can on my WR absolute ferrocious difference let me tell you from relatively well mannered to absolute bottled Fury what a difference any one else done some testing on the YZ Pipe installation on the WR ? a sudden hunger for horsepower has grabbed me any info would be great!!
  5. worxster

    OMG! Airbox fan

    Yo been following the thread since the beggining the idea sounds great , all though doesnt seem plausable, in theory if it worked how would the device hold up to the rigors of MX Use as well as Enduro ? If we are going to try wacked Bolt on devices lets go the whole nine and bolt on a sneaky Pete NOS System if it works I RATE IT WOULD CLEEEEEN My Pipes !!! imagine an insane rush of HP till then i rate i will wait till YAMAHA launches a Yamaha WR/YZ250 with a factory Charger bolted to it. for the sake of a steroid driven PC Fan and grenade 2-3 K worth of motor not an option but hey thats just my 2 cents:ride:
  6. worxster

    My 2007 WR250F review

    Nope they all come with DID Rims as far as i have seen
  7. worxster

    Cons of yz250f?

    CONS None really a few Tacky Bits A Uncorking is absolutely neccesary other than that an absolute Machine dont waste your time with any other bike the WR will fulfill all your requirements its way ahead of its competitors The Workshop bleeds BLUE Dragstar / YZF 426 / WR250F 07 / Bruin 250 06 / Bruin 350 06
  8. worxster

    Tail pipe Q for 07 WR250F?

    I Put the 32mm GYTR end cap on other than making a CR@P gurgling sound doesnt seem to have made none if any difference .................. T4 here i come !!
  9. worxster

    CRF 230 - WR 200 Fronts Forks

    Short of the rear disk conversion & a Big bore kit i reckon ebecks bike is quite the machine
  10. worxster

    CRF 230 - WR 200 Fronts Forks

    And yes just for the record EBECK in most guys oppinions is the MODMASTER GODFATHER OF THE 230 He has pretty much got it waxed
  11. worxster

    CRF 230 - WR 200 Fronts Forks

    furthermore mod master would refer to someone who has done it before and done it succesfully a general indication that this person is probably the one of the best people to speak to regarding question pertaint to that particular model
  12. worxster

    CRF 230 - WR 200 Fronts Forks

    bro they are not cr250 forks they are actually wr 200 forks which have now been changed for kx 125 front end and revalved Mod master meaning that it takes quite a bit of engineering to do the mod its not just bolt on finally to get it all to balance and perform properly is quite a story
  13. Pics will be up before the weekend just got to button it all up
  14. Yeah they did spacers were required though .......... and the Bottom headset bearing required machining
  15. Finally The front end Sorted !!!! Began the front end mod with WR200 Front end and unable to sort it even after a revalve & Rebuild Oils Etc Having said that it was still better than Stock Enter the KX 125 Front End The mod went together like clockwork We even used the CRF230 Front wheel The Only Custom Bit was the Rotor Will Post Pics as soon as its all buttoned up ........... If anyone else has used any other front end other than HONDA Pop them on and lets have a Look !!