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  1. Thanks for the info. I willl give RaceTech a look. JOe
  2. Thanks, I will give them a look. JOe
  3. Who stocks the better springs? How do I know which ones to get? Is it a weight thing that the provider will know? The seat issue is more for comfort than height. I am a senior rider and need that little bit of softness. I am in Bakersfield Joe
  4. I am in Bakersfield. Is that seat softer as well? I will need something a little softer than stock. I have issues with hard seats. Joe
  5. HI. I am 6'6"" tall and weigh 250 without gear. I want to buy the 06 DRZ400e and was wondering what I might have to do to it for my height and weight. I will trail ride and play moto. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I think I may need taller bars for one, and a softer seat, but perhaps taller? Thanks, Joe