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  1. I just had my birthday and I recommend the gift that I got from my hubby, a new heated vest for the bike riding on cold mornings. It's perfect (that included the wiring job for my DR650 dual sport) that was the christmas present another good pick on his part.
  2. 4sleds

    Dealing with carpal tunnel

    I have carpal tunnel and it was diagnosed by a DR. I was given a nerve conduction test that proved that the nerve that runs through the wrist was not getting the signal to the hand as it normally should. This is a test that takes all the guess work out. The other symptoms are as stated, the arm falling asleep at night waking up with allot of pain/discomfort. Not being able to hold things well, decreased strength etc... It is a repetative movement injury. Mine occured approx. 3 yrs ago. I discontinued the action that caused it and it has gotten much better almost not even noticable anymore. I was lucky, most that have it and have to continue with the same movements that originally created the problem end up with surgery eventually. Good luck.
  3. 4sleds

    If you could have ...

    Already have a 97 xt 225 yamaha dual sport for trails, 05 dr 650se suzuki. A third would probably be a dl 650 Vstrom suzuki fitted with hard bags for touring. The kids are almost gone so it's time to think about some travelling.
  4. 4sleds

    Another newbie - Calgary riders?

    Welcome. I am also new to the TT, and from Alberta. I also started with my first bike a drz125L purchased new one 2 summers ago from Blackfoot Motor Sports down in Calgary. I then bought a used 1997 xt 225 yamaha dual sport (also from Calgary) last summer. And just got for xmas a new dr 650 dual sport. As you can see this sport is very addictive. I was 42 yrs. when I started to ride so it goes to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Don't worry about your girl friends that arn't interested in bikes (none of mine are either) there are lots of guys out there that are fun to ride with. Check around with your male co-workers and see if any of them have an interest in bikes and see if you can get invited on a group ride. I often go snowmobiling & quading on group rides with my male co-workers(all my co-workers are guys) I work in a non-traditional role as a plant operator. Keep practicing (once spring comes) and have fun with your new bike, life is too short to not make the most of it. Unfortunatly to far north to ride the Calgary areas approx 7 hrs away.
  5. 4sleds

    I got to ride... and saw the SUN!!!

    New to the site having a good time reading through the posts. Boy are all you gals that have warm enough weather to ride at this time of the year ever lucky. We have had lots of sun but it is so cold as I write this that I am sure the covering on your bike seat would crack if you sat on it cause it is soooo cold -28celsius right now. Thats about -20 F then you add the wind chill on top of that and I am sure it is close to -40 celsius which is -40F. All I can do is sit in the garage and look at my bike it's even too cold to ride the snowmobiles right now!
  6. 4sleds

    luggage racks

    Thanks to all for the pictures and info about racks. Great rack design from mehigh in PQ. To 05dr650 we are transplanted Sask. folk originally from Moose Jaw.
  7. 4sleds

    luggage racks

    Has anyone built luggage racks to hold soft luggage for the dr650. We would like to fab up a set for a 2005 and a 1994. Hubby and Me want to take a little trip this summer and need to get the welder out to build a couple of sets. If any one has any suggestions or ideas based on past experiance or articles that they have seen we would appreciate the info. We would like to have a set of saddle bags and a top bag each. Have concerns about exhaust heat and even damage to the new bike(which was my shiney xmas present this year). Thanks
  8. 4sleds

    slipstreamer wind srceen

    We have 2 Dr650's 1994 & 2005 we're thinking of putting on windscreens. I was looking at the cee-bailey's does anyone have any info or past experiance with this product?
  9. 4sleds

    Any of you ladies start riding over 30?

    Hello I started riding in 2004 at 42. Bought a new Suzuki DRZ 125L. Rode it for 1 summer decided that I liked it. The summer of 2005 I bought a 97 Yamaha xt 225 enduro and got my bike licence. This xmas Hubby bought me a new 2005 Suzuki DR 650 SE in shiny blue. Now I can keep up with him and his buds on their Suzuki's and KLR's.