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  1. Cody305

    RG3 Suspension

    Hey guys, I am looking at revlaving our suspension on a 2010 YZ250 (2 stroke) and am looking at White Knuckle MX in Rockford, IL. I have heard of them, but don't know anything about their service, or RG3 for that matter.. Son just jumped to the A class here in WI and is not happy with the stock suspension on his bike. Any input, or thoughts?
  2. Cody305

    Is a new generation yz250 just false hope?

    We debated about what direction to go this past winter, 2s or 4s. One of our deciding factors to buy a 2010 YZ250 was the price of rebuilding it vs rebuilding a 4s. We found out the hard way this summer(destroyed the piston) and had to do a complete rebuild with only 25 hours on the bike. End price was about $350 top to bottom complete. I don't think that anyone could rebuild a 4s for even close to that price. In my opinion, 4S's have priced the average racer out of the game. We have lots of friends that race (and destroy) their 4s and the total cost to rebuild is insane. Many of them have had to take out small loans just to pay for said rebuild. I'm not a fan, besides that the sound of a wound up 250 2s is music to my ears. Truthfully I cannot tell a good running 4s from a bad running one lol. We will keep our YZ250 for as long as we can and will continue to buy them as long as they offer them.
  3. Cody305

    2008 YZ125 throttle stuck wide open

    I had the throttle tube off the bike already and checked that out (first) Everything was good and yes I know about having some space between the tube and bars. Just handguards, no barkbusters, so no to that too. lol Thanks for the ideas. I am waiting for the new cable and then will go from there.
  4. Cody305

    2008 YZ125 throttle stuck wide open

    OK, I pulled the carb off (again) and then took the cable off both ends and there is no binding on the cable at all. I have a new cable on order and it should be here in a couple of days. I had just replaced the vf3 reeds the week before, so I took all that apart too just to eliminate any possible issues with the bog on low end. They checked out just fine. I am going to pull the jets out of the carb and clean and check them next. I did look at the main yesterday and it was clear all the way through. The throttle does pull noticably harder than it did last week for whatever reason, so replacing it is a must.
  5. We were at a race yesterday and for whatever reason the throttle stuck like 4 times in one moto. My son shut it down and pushed the bike off the track before he crashed his brains out. We pulled the throttle housing apart and cleaned everything, thinking that was the problem. Nope, everything was good up top, so we pulled the carb off and pulled the slide out. Everything looked ok there too. No dirt, nothing weird or bent (not sure how it could be, but had to look anyway) We have never had any issues with this bike (100 hours on it) and am curious if anyone had any problems like this. We did have a few RM85's that if they got any sand in the vent tubes the throttle would stick, but never on the Yami. Any suggestions?
  6. I want to personally thank everyone for their input on this. The truck is fixed and the shop I took it to now has a little egg on their faces to wash off. Like everyone said, it was the nsbu switch and nothing more. My biggest question is, how many people take a wounded vehicle to a shop and get screwed because they trust what the shop says without consulting anyone else first? Without Diesel Place and Thumpertalk I might have just had him to fix it without investigating what was wrong first. (most likely not), but I'm saying how many wouldn't think twice? I would venture to say that I will not be doing much (read any) business with these guys anymore even though we live in a rural area without many qualified shops around us. Yesterday when I called them, they were "about" 95% sure the tranny was toast, but I put a stopper in the dam before it was to late. I simply said replace the switch and if it doesn't work correctly, we'll go from there. PERIOD! Needless to say it is running perfectly fine today...not the only thing I have to worry about now is that my little boy is all grown up and managed to pass his drivers road test today and I lost my truck within minutes of arriving home tonight anyway. I don't know what was harder, not having the truck sitting in my garage because it was broken, or watching my baby boy drive away by himself... hmmm?? Time for juniour to find his own wheels...these are mine!! LOL Thanks guys!
  7. Thanks again for all the input. Once again this site has proven to be extremely helpful when ever I have issues on my bikes or vehicles. I have also posted on Diesel Place and am getting the same replies back from the guys over there. That is most likely is the NSBU switch with accurate details of what it is doing. I just got off the phone with the guy looking into it. He is a good mechanic just extremely busy. He is meticulas in his work so that does help me breathe some. His thoughts are this...he is going to pull the pan off the bottom and take a look inside. If he sees nothing bad then we will know it is the switch for sure. The fluid has to be changed anyway, so I agreed to this. If he does see "pieces" he will not go any further and then I will get it to a Allison Certified shop for further work. New switch will be here tomorrow morning and I'll keep you posted as to what we find out!!
  8. I will be asking the mechanic this very question on Monday. He didn't show me what the scanner said and I guess I wouldn't have known what the codes meant anyway if he did. I would venture a guess about the range selector being (hopefully) the culprit. My question is why would it shift without issue on the first scanner, but then stop wanting to go into gear when the other scanner was plugged in? I will start looking for a certified Allison mechanic asap simply becasue I don't really trust the local guys working on anything more than brakes and wheel bearings. One of the first things I checked was the fluid. It was still kind of a reddish color and didn't smell burnt. It was at the proper level while idling. He did meantion something about the range selector. Maybe a dumb question, but what do some of the codes, or phrases mean? Like pmc, servo, po7?? It would help me in dealing with getting this thing fixed right the first time. With the race season coming up fast, I need my truck running without issues. Thanks again for the input.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, very much appreciated. Here is what is happening...so maybe this will help explain, as I really know nothing about what makes them tick. I can tear a bike apart blindfolded, but never worked on cars/trucks. The week before it quit working, the gear selector led on the dash started "acting up" as in sometimes showing what gear the truck was in and sometimes not. This of course affected the interlocks for the doorlocks as well (neutral selector switch?) ..,but the truck drove fine, no noises, nothing. The guy I took it to put on a scanner and the first time he scanned it it showed that this was the problem ($235 part) no big deal, cool! But his main mechanic freed up some time and put a different scanner on the truck and started getting different reading and then with the truck running he was shifting thru the gears and it didn't do anything, just sat there idling. At that point he said the tranny was toast. On Friday when I got into it to drive home from work (when this started) when I put it into gear it clunked rather loudly and then went into a limp mode. ...and now here I sit. I am not positive, but I do know the place I have it sitting will only be pulling it out and replacing it, not rebuilding it. I will find out more on Monday when I talk to him again. Ok course the warranty ran out at 100,000 miles, but I am still going to contact GM about this. I have heard that they sometimes will help out on certain situations past warranty. They were really good about replacing my injectors when they went bad, so I'm hoping they help me out here again. I bought this truck because of the motor/trans combo and the lack of issues they have had. Thanks again guys!
  10. I have a '02 HD2500 with the 6.6/Allison combo and yesterday my tranny decided to just up and quit. Anyone ever had any problems with this? 136k miles on truck and well maintained always. Mechanic is telling me $3800-$4000 for repairs ouch!
  11. Cody305

    Let's see the 125's!

    Thanks, I really appreciate the comments! I won the District 16 championship last year in the 85cc 12-15 class and living only 2 hours from the arenacross champ Chad Johnson doesn't hurt either. haha:prof: He is awesome to work with and has taught me a lot plus I practice with A riders too.
  12. Cody305

    Let's see the 125's!

    nIce KTM, was your camera drunk when you snapped them pics? LOL
  13. Cody305

    Lets see them 85's

    My dad said around $2000 once it gets rebuilt. He never sells a bike until he rebuilds the motors. The suspension is a full custom job with all CRF150 parts inside and it is awesome! Motor has been ported & polished by Jesse Williams of http://www.williamsmotowerx.net/index.htm and is very fast. I won the Wisconsin D16 85cc 12-15 Championship on it last year:ride:
  14. Cody305

    Let's see the 125's!

    I am 5'2" and about 115lbs We didn't cut the seat, instead we had the suspension set up for my weight by Eric Saeur at www.ESRMods.com. He is a magican with suspension!