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  1. DirtDgr

    Good Suspension shops in the Sacramento area?

    Hahahaha! Thanks for curing my boredom with a good lol!
  2. DirtDgr

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    I am a Lakeport Evacuee as well. This is going to kill breaking in my new 450FX any time soon near home. In Williams at the Econolodge going on night three with wife, two kids, two dogs and the cat! Bikes and race cars safe so far! I was on my way home from fishing in Alaska. When I was finally back in civilization I called the wife on Saturday morning. Been a heck of a ride since! This motel room is getting smaller by the minute. Cant wait to be home as I will likely have one. Very sad for some that don't have homes to return too.
  3. DirtDgr

    PC SRVA - on any Sunday movies 2-25-18

    Haha! Great videos. Feel like I am there. Know that place so well.
  4. DirtDgr

    PC SRVA - on any Sunday movies 2-25-18

    Nice way to make a fun day at PC! I remember when we could do that with racing out there. 80's and early 90's PC was really fun I thought. Set up a fun race course with lots of going through the brush trees and grass. It actually helped the place heal as non racers would then ride the new "race made" trails. The beat stuff would be taken back by nature. Now they force races out of the creak and tree line. Cant go in grass. Cant go near the Mulberry. Beats the place to oblivion.
  5. DirtDgr

    Yolo County OHV

    How did it go??
  6. DirtDgr

    Taming a 450FX.....

    Ya that G2 throttle looks very promising!
  7. DirtDgr

    Taming a 450FX.....

    I have put about an hour on it is all at a motocross track. It is just too instant for me. Even lugging it you just blip the throttle an eighth of an inch and it just lurches forward. Heck if you breathe on it, it launches! Pussy cat is definitely not what my experience is lol! I was at a high traction track. Just need the very first bit of throttle to ease up a bit. The rest I love. But I am no stranger to bikes. Been on bikes my whole life. Turned "A" level cross country rider in 1989. Owned 2- YZ 426. Own an XR650 I raced the BITD for a bit. Been racing 4 wheeled offroad stuff for a few years and getting too fat so bought a new 450fx to get exercise and probably get back out and do some harescrambles here in D36. 05 CRF 450 is my latest bike before this though as I took up Post-Vintage racing for several years so my Honda got very little use. Great bike! Raced my 1980 YZ 465 and 1981 YZ 250 in motocross and hare scrambles. But have not been on a bike in a couple years because I got hooked on racing VW's in the desert. I think trying some other maps sounds like the ticket. I do have the computer tuner thing to do it, just haven't messed with it.
  8. DirtDgr

    Ims 2.9g yzf tank on fx

    Ya I might try it. I actually welded an IMS tank to my 1981 YZ 250 stock tank! Did this several years ago. Still holding up!
  9. I finally rode it after it sitting for several months brand new.
  10. DirtDgr

    Taming a 450FX.....

    Kranie? Sorry. Where do I find them? I know I am under sprung at 225 without gear on. Sending it off soon to have that fixed. Hopefully that helps a lot as I have never had a bike do it like this one! Thanks!
  11. DirtDgr

    Taming a 450FX.....

    Broke in my 2018 450FX today. Love it but I need to tame this thing down a bit! Insane throttle response! Too much for me as a Senior A rider! I mean any movement in the throttle at all and it wants to seat bounce a triple. Awsome! But too much. Less is more for me! Also I have a Recluse I will be putting on it. This thing nose dives any time you back off the throttle. Will the Recluse free wheel and help this?
  12. I don't know. Time will tell. It is pretty darn tough feeling. I hope it lasts! Just thought I would try something different.
  13. DirtDgr

    Ims 2.9g yzf tank on fx

    Well it was about time I came out with it lol! I think it is worth it in the long run. Like anything, I could cut the time in half and mistakes eliminated if I knew then what I know now. I love the stock graffics on the shrouds too. Leaving them as is.
  14. DirtDgr

    Ims 2.9g yzf tank on fx

    Well I am a little embarassed about it but.... I was initially going to do the Dirt Rider way and cut the seat out. Well after much thought and hating the idea of cutting out the seat bottom I thought I had a better way. All I needed was a quarter inch and I could fit the slim AntiGravity battery without cutting the seat if I could cut down the bump for the bolt on the IMS tank. I figured it was probably extra thick in this area so decided to carefully cut it down. Don’t know why I took the chance. But I did! Was so mad I just had to walk away for a while. Was tempted to just get the smaller IMS tank at that point. But after stewing on it I could not let it defeat me!