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  1. ive read al sorts and yet dont see posts from owners.however i did get a go on a 640 lc4 wich is down on power to smc, also will be lighter . the bike went well and it fel like i could have fun
  2. hi there ,ive read this like a story waiting for the result. I to am deciding weather to buy a 690 smc,ive had sports bikes last one was suzi 1000.i sold this and started moto cross and enduro ,but i still want to trick out a supermoto they look so cool . ive played with buying 450 exc and 530 and converting it but the 690 stomp pulls me more.. keep posting lol . ......my head hurts with all the thinking what to do ooooo come on lotto numbers .........buy the lot ,atoms blades supermotos ....
  3. booyaa

    ktm 250 sx f rebound adjuster

    06,job done,pin spanner was expensive and the parts were cheap. but no problem turns out the threads were striped
  4. hi, i have a rebound adjuster which siezed ,when tryed to turn it its twisted the plastic and it came out .on inspection it reveals a cracked stripped internal cross of plastic.which obviously adjust the rebound. my question is has any one repaired this problem before?? ive ordered the pin tool to remove fork cap and get into it but any advise would help ............ I have one tip already the tiny bearings on the rebound adjuster are a bitch to find if droppedd !!!
  5. booyaa

    Have I just F@*#%! my forks?

    has you adjuster got small bearings in it ?? . on my ktm when i removed the adjuster in the rebound it had tiny little ball bearings wich create the click,if you drop one out theres no click . just a thought >>
  6. hi . Just wondering, any one ever fitted one or had it done. Ive seen adds for a 284 big bore kit and wondered if there was any links or advise on the subject. thanks .
  7. just to let you know measured oil and it was burning it ,so stripped the engine oil in the chamber. so looks like its time to do the lot and fix the leak . thanks for posts
  8. Usual begging for help post.... 2001 250 ktm exc .. it wont run its killing plugs and burnning smokey. i have put carb to spec re done lead to plug clean filters etc some times new plug then were ok, for short period then back to the beginning.its had a shaft seal in, and bearings were checked . ive been to meets i get the same question what mix you running .. thats spot on too any help ,tips ,rich people with free bike so i can chuck this one away please reply..
  9. booyaa

    Suggestions please!

    thanks ,got a heavier wp spring ,spoke to dealer who races also and to get the sag right i needed the 80 250 spring were good to go now. the front he says will be fine and plenty of a adjustment to be had there too .
  10. booyaa

    wrong choice

    funny how one point of view on a bike upsets some folk.there has to be many bikes ,styles and preferences .so why does it hurt so bad that i didn't like it ? and i have now in my opinion a far better bike for what i do . i also would like to know if its all dry weather use over here ?
  11. booyaa

    Suggestions please!

    95 kilo
  12. booyaa

    250SXF offroad?

    do you run it on stock springs??mr 6 foot three 200 lbs?
  13. booyaa

    wrong choice

    just thought id say hi . i sold the beast and the dealer said "i see what you mean it is heavy"as he lifted it out the van any way he then blew a new ktm in to my van witch rocks light fast go any where and can do motox ..heave the wrong choice round good luck !! ps easy to work on no rubbish to go wrong and if the e start was to fail it starts like a dream too .. by the way do honda use 450 x to enduro
  14. hi just got a new ktm sxf ,i need stiffer springs as im fat any ideas or suggestions thanking you : thumbsup:
  15. just got one. its a fine machine looks good, sounds loud ,and rips its so light and fun i wish i bought two lol .. thats it its time for some bits and bobs any suggestions