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  1. jbraslins

    Do you oil your o-ring chain

    1) Spray the bike and the chain 2) Using WD-40 with a brush or a rug, clean the chain 3) Very light amount of Chainwax as you spin the wheel to help it distribute across the chain
  2. jbraslins

    FIM MotoGP on Speed right now

    Isle of white GP? I dont think MotoGP races there. Are you sure it was MotoGP?
  3. jbraslins

    How many bikes do you own?

    '03 Ducati 999 '06 KTM 400 EXC '06 Yamaha TTR 125
  4. That thing is a LOT of fun. More pics here: http://www.cryohold.com/pics/index.php?view=thumb&dir=06-02+-+Dirt+riding
  5. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    Well, it's over. I've spent entire day going from dealer to dealer and talking to various dealer employees and dirt riding friends of mine. After much consideration and debate I've went ahead and picked up a new '06 KTM 400 EXC. Now as i am writing this, i just got to read mauricedorris's response and I am having an a lil 'oh shit' moment. At the same time the reason i chose 400 EXC was that it's the smallest KTM 4-stroke designed for off-road/trail riding. I've talked in detail to some guy who rides KTMs and he said that 400 EXC should be a sweet spot for me. Not as much power as 450/525. He said it should be a lot more mangable than WR450 or CRF450X. 400 suppoused to have the shorter stroke motor, which if i understand correctly will rev quicker but will produce less torque at the bottom. So, if i keep the revs down, perhaps I am not going to get myself in over my head. I've also heard from a few other people that 400 is a good choice. So, hopefully, with some control and dirt riding classes I'll make it through this summer without a cast. Thank you for your help guys and now that i own a KTM thumper, ill be posting (mostly reading and learning) here frequently. Cheers.
  6. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    I live in Raleigh area. Most of my riding will be in the foothills. Basicaly wooden hilly area trails.
  7. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    I've sat on some bikes today and here's what i think regarding the weight/size of the bikes, ignoring the power aspect: 06' WR450F - Feels too big and to bulky 06' YZ450F - Too big 06' YZ250F - Too big 01' KTM 520 - Feels just about right in terms of size maybe a lil on the big side. '06 KX 250 - Seems like a perfect match. So, from above statements I am starting to lean towards 2-strokes. It just seems like a 250 2-stroke would be a whole lot more fun. I am sure it still has PLENTY of power, but the size/weight of it seems so much better/more managable. Someone else mentioned that despite it's 2 stroke nature and having more hp than 125 2-stroke, it's "less explsoive", as they put it, than 125cc 2-stroke and would be more managable as well. 2 strokes do get some bad rep tho from the maintanece side of it, not sure if it's just people buying used/raced 2-strokes or are they really that much harder to maintain? Mixing gas with oil should be fun. So, I think i narrowed my selection down to: Kawasaki KX 250 (5,999 MSRP) 213 lbs Kawasaki KDX 200 (4,199 MSRP) 222.6 lbs Honda CR250R (6,399 MSRP) 213 lbs KTM 250 SX (6,298 MSRP) 208 lbs KTM 300 XC-W (6,698 MSRP) 224.5 lbs Out of those 5, 250 SX or 300 XC-W are the two that i am leaning towards. What do you guys think? Thanks again for all your insightful coments.
  8. If you nevered tried a twin, i recommend trying Suzuki SV1000. It's one of those versatile bikes that will be more comfy on the trip than any supersport/superbike, yet it will handle plenty good. Plus you'll get a nice rumble of a twin and a wider, more usable, less peaky power band. Myself I ride '03 Ducati 999. I am just a sucker for twins . I know that they are not as powerful/competative as inlines, but i just enjoy the way they feel so much more. http://www.suzukicycles.com/Products/ProductDisplay.aspx?modelCode=SV1000SK6&activeSection=OVERVIEW SV1000 is know for handlign exceptionaly well, yet if you notice from the photos, the handlebars are higher than the seat, giving you much more comfortable ride for longer canyon/twistie trips. This bike is no slouch at the track either.
  9. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    I've noticed how many people comment on the fact that KTM 525 might be a lil to big/heavy and KTM 450 is the way to go. After looking on KTM and some KTM dealer websites, i noticed that the seat hight and weight of KTM 525 is almost identical to KTM 450. In fact KTM 525 dry weight is a pound less than 450. How come?
  10. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    My wife is still learning her way around the bike. She figured out the clutch and stop/go, but as of right now she still rides around in 1st gear only, ocassionaly upshifting to 2nd on the straighter/smoother sections. Last weekened i was riding my cousins CRF70F (thats a fun lil bike, wish i had one when i was 7) and i had to stop every so ofthen to let her catch up. At this point I could be running next to her and be able to keep up. So to ride with her I'll need to crawl and stop every so ofthen and wait regardless of what bike I am on, might as well get what I'd enjoy if i was riding alone or ahead.
  11. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    Thanks for advice guys. I think I'll go the 400 or 450 route and take it easy on the throttle until i get better at it. That way i wouod not need to sell mine and buy another one by the end of this summer. Now the question is: DRZ 400, KTM 400 EXC, WR450F, or KTM 450 EXC ... decisions decisions.
  12. jbraslins

    250/300/450 or 525?

    Ok, a lil more details: - Def 4-stroke. - Electric or kick start will work. - no headlight, turn signals, brake lights etc necessary. I am planning on riding it during the daytime only on the off-road wooded hilly trails. - I weigh 220lbs and after riding 125cc 4-stroke for a whooping 4 hours, i felt like it was undepowered. Thank you for your comments.
  13. Wanted to ask for some advice regarding what size off-road bike to get. I am sure this was beaten do death here before for new riders, but since I have a lot of non-dirt experience I figured this might change the answer a lil bit. Basically, I am 100% new to riding on the dirt. I've been doing track days on liter bikes for several years and am not new to throttle control or any of the things associated with bigger _street_ bikes. My wife just bought herself a TTR125LE and now I am looking to get something for myself so I can go on trail rides with her. Some of my friends said to start with 250 since i never ridden on the dirt before, but i feel that it will be somewhat underpowered once i get used to it, which I hope will not take to long. So I am kind of torn between KLX 300, WR450 and KTM 525 EXC. I realize the price difference between those 3 is huge, but for now I am trying to approach this from purely power/control persepctive. I am not dead set on those exact models either. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. And yes i know where the 'search' function of the forums is Cheers.