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  1. uncle tail

    Front tire help for YZ450F

    Michelin MS3 is the best hands down. I use it on hard pack, sand, everything. The 04 yz450f likes to puxh a little and it keeps me hooked up......but my buddy swears by Kenda Millvilles belive it or not.......
  2. uncle tail

    How do you get bearings out of swingarm???

    I bought some bel-ray waterproof, but have not tries it yet-seems pretty heavy......normally just the moly......my 04 450 has those plastic covers over the needle to help keep dirt and grit out, seem to work.
  3. uncle tail

    Bills Pipe

    I heard these are poor, very loud but non existant power gains
  4. uncle tail

    Best / Favorite 450 Exhaust?

    I like my stock pipe. My 04 yz450 just rips compared to my 2000 CR250, 1996 CR250, and 1986 CR250 2-strokes. Don't think I need a pipe. I think Yammy does the home work on this stuff. Spend the money on a nice weekend getaway with the woman instead. Uncle Tail
  5. uncle tail

    2004 yz450 mods

    Pro-Action dude that did my revalve said 180-200.....I believe Pro-Action dude. Plus, fits right into my fluctuating riding weight of 190-200 lbs. Please don't mess with my perceived perfection and balanced suspension, fella, or I will wish a nasty punt on you in your next vet moto.
  6. uncle tail

    Newbie Big guy suspension help needed !!

    I am about 190 to 200 lbs. I got a revalve from pro-action....(those guys will have everything you need and do it for you....but beside the point) I was a little surprised when I took my 04 yz450f in as I had always believed bikes came stock set up for 160 lb. riders. Not so. My 450 was set for 180-200 lbs. STOCK. Not sure about CR, but just talk to a qaulified suspension guy and he will steer you right. Uncle Tail
  7. uncle tail

    2004 yz450 mods

    i am with buddy on the suspension, but bear in mind that a stock o4 Yz450f came equiped with spring rates for a 180 to 200 lb. rider.........but a revalve is always nice. i like the stock gripper seat, i also have is a washable/reuseable metal oil filter and a twin air air filter. I like micheline MS3 rubber on the front and have the MAxxis IT on the back, it is bulletproof that is about it......oh yeah! pro tapers.
  8. the whole thing is that little delay of a split second you get when you twist the throttle until the engine revs up coming out of a corner. it's timing dude. i have read about the boyeseen thing and all that, if you are getting arm pump maybe you miss that split second delay and your timing is off. at any rate, my 04 450 is faster point to point once I square off than the other bikes (you can have your nice smooth powerband, i like it mean)......and my shoulders are like friggin Popeye's since I got rid of that freakin CR250 and got the yammy
  9. uncle tail

    Maybe I shouldn't...

    i am with you, the thing with a new rider is they don't get that the bike makes more power than most people will ever wring out, and you just respect that. new rider won't respect that, twist the throttle, over jump the little dirt pile, and bang into a tree (or something). could be really bad. you are just keeping it real. good work.
  10. uncle tail

    Gearing 04 YZ450F

    i went with a 50 as with the stock 48 I kept stalling and lugging on tighter tracks. As I am lazy, I put the 50 on and now don't ever leave third except the starts. the only thing is on tracks with longer straights, I rev right out the top with the 50 tooth. tests recommend the 49 on that bike. i haven't tried it yet....
  11. uncle tail

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    the best bike ever has to be that 1981 yzinger my dad bought me new. 1 rebuild in 25 years and it is still going strong. my kid has moved through it already. should be around for the grandkids! yzinger=#1!!!!!! (get it?)
  12. uncle tail

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    Those Fox Tracker boots are the worst. Sprained ankle badly casing a little double. Bought tech 8's.Best boot and most support, fits nicely into my style of casing half of everything.