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  1. lseann

    Honda XR Odometer Eliminator Spacer

    Enduro Engineering also sells one, slightly cheaper part number 16-080. That’s the one I bought and used way back when. https://enduroeng.com/index.php?route=extras/mwp_search&lv1=18&lv2=245&lv3=6704&lv4=20181
  2. lseann

    Honda XR Odometer Eliminator Spacer

  3. lseann

    carb overflow tubes leak when gas on

    Check the float valve. The rubber tip hardens/deteriorates over time and gets a groove in it so it no longer seals properly, replace it even if it looks good.
  4. lseann

    Selling my xr400r

    Such a good looking bike....I’d keep it, drain the fuel and buy the next bike and eventually but inevitably return to the heavy, but comfortably timeless simplicity of the mighty XR.
  5. lseann

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    How can you sell that thing, such a nice looking bike!
  6. lseann

    Replacing seat cover

    I use binder clips to keep the fabric tight before stapling. I basically binder clip the whole thing then go back and remove them one at a time and replace with staples, starting from the center or bend in the seat and working my way out on both sides.
  7. It doesn’t take much to scratch a painted surface. That being said, I totally understand how painful it would be to incur such damage on an essentially new vehicle such as yours. Sure, it would probably get a scratch at some point with normal use but it sucks when you pay somebody to work on your stuff and they don’t care for it like they would as if was their own. In any case, if you do line x it or whatever, I’m sure you won’t regret the piece of mind it will give you in terms of avoiding further damage in such a vulnerable painted area of your truck.
  8. lseann

    Should I buy?

    Not that it would stop me from buying a bike either way but another thing worth checking on a 250/400 is the swingarm bolt. If it’s frozen in place you can certainly use that info to your benefit when making an offer.
  9. Check fuel line from tank to carb for blockage and while you have that off check the operation of the fuel tank petcock.
  10. Yep, I have two of them and think they are awesome! For only 37.00 each they really make certain vehicle lifting tasks easier/safer/faster.
  11. lseann

    Old style dual sport kit?

    I think I might still have the instructions for my kit that I installed in 2002 or somewhere near then. I'll check tonight.
  12. Looks great.....although seeing that you are already running a white rear fender maybe you should consider a white front fender and tank as well and keep the pristine red stuff in a box. Main reason personally that I would do this is that it's easier to match white than red and the XR red is tough to match with aftermarket plastics.
  13. That's why the winch idea would be good, you might need two ramps, but you can winch it up and down. Do some googling on the subject to find some low cost, homemade solutions.
  14. I'm cheap so 300 still sounds like way too much, especially for a guy that already has a truck and a ramp and really just needs an easier way to get his bike in/out of the truck bed by himself.